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It's Bob Melvin!

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  • It's Bob Melvin!

    The Times is reporting that Bob Melvin is the new skipper - here's a link to Bob Finnigan's article:

    What you were looking for wasn't found. Maybe we can help you figure out where to go.

    I'll be the first to say it - this is a great move that has lots of potential for a team that is in transition this year. No doubt about it - the club is going to get younger - and Bob Melvin seems to be the perfect guy to take them where they need to go.

    Now let's get down to business and get Olerud signed!!

    "It is better to sit in silence and appear ignorant, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." -- Mark Twain

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    I wonder where we'd be right now if we had kept Bob Melvin right along?


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      Well this is out of Left Field. Yea, I think Melvin got a bad deal when he was fired.
      The Mariners wanted the anti-Lou when they hired Melvin. I think he's a hell of a baseball guy but doesn't exactly spew fire like Lou did. Given the change from old to young, he probably would have done fine with the Mariners also. I'm guessing your question is would Bob Melvin have been better than Grover? Man, I don't know.
      I really think the trouble with the Mariners has more to do with Bill Bavasi.


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        How can you give a guy just two years before you give up on him like that, I wonder.


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          I personally beleive to this day that reason Bob Melvin was fired was because the front office needed a scapegoat. they needed some to blame for the horrific 2004 season, and they choose melvin.
          Here's to baseball... The best sport made.

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            Even though this is a very old thread, but I still think he still has not learned his lesson from 2004. He won games, but there was no excuse for a 63-99 record in 2004 that could have been the M's first 100-game losing season since 1983. Despite a 13-14 game improvement in his last two years after that horrific 2004 season, he may/will end up getting a pink slip again in Arizona.

            Mike Hargrove is slightly better, despite improving slowly from 63-99 to 69-93, then 78-84. Will he get the Mariners to above .500 this season? Find out next year.


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