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How to be a long distance fan

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  • How to be a long distance fan

    I moved from Spokane Washington to Alexandria Indiana a few years back. So how do I keep up with the Mariners?

    • Rule #1 – You must get a Direct TV satellite dish then buy the MLB extra innings package. This works with 90% of the games except when stupid ESPN or Fox blocks the game. I hate that.
    • Rule #2 – Figure out where the team plays close to you. I go to the White Sox games when the Mariners are in town. You would think this would be a problem in Chicago but they are good folks and we have a lot of fun ribbing each other. Lately I’m the one taking the abuse. It’s going to be a tough time getting tickets next year!
    • Rule #3 – XM radio. Just got it. Don’t know if it’s worth the money or not. I do like getting my baseball fix during the off-season.

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    Cool, thx man....
    I was an Expo fan, and well, now, I guess I should follow Red Sox games.....
    Do we get alot of baseball games on Sirius radio????


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      Originally posted by Gjm130
      I guess I should follow Red Sox games.....
      Spoken like a wise man.
      "I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it."
      Carl Yastrzemski


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        I live in Italy and the only way to watch games everyday is The only problem is that many games are during the night, but on the next day I usually watch highlights or a condensed game. That's the only way I have to watch games.
        Last summer I've been in NYC for a holiday and I attended two Yankees games and one Mets game...i'm a Cards fan, but it was a fantastic experience!


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          I like to keep up with the team on the Northwest Fox channel too. The magazine the team puts out is nothing but alot of outdated fluff.
          The funny thing is no matter where I live I'll always follow the Mariners. You don't switch teams in Baseball!
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            As a long distance Phillies fan, I've been ordering the mlb radio gameday audio package each of the last few years, and I really like it. You get to choose which team's broadcast you want to listen to (unlike XM I think, which I heard only offers the home team broadcast), so I get plenty of Harry Kalas every season.

            With the internet, it's just so much easier to be a LD fan. I remember when I moved to north Jersey (Newark area) in the 80's, you might as well have been on the other side of the country. Radio reception for the Philly stations was fuzzy and inconsistent, cable stopped offering out of town stations in the early 80's, and finding a Philadelphia Inquirer (forget the Daily News) was tough. I had a couple of places that I could go to for the Sunday edition, but even that wasn't always reliable. These kids today don't know how easy they've got it!
            "You should enter a ballpark the way you enter a church." - Bill Spaceman Lee


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