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  • SABR Matt
    No no no!

    For Beltre I always just say:

    "YO!! ADRIAN!!" (Rocky?)

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  • KillaK
    started a topic Nicknames!!!


    My last post got me excited- Let's create Chris Berman-esque nicknames for our favorite M's! And these are all off the top of my head, so don't dog me too much for 'em.

    ----Willie "In" Bloomquist (nirvana refrences always fly in the NW)
    ----Matt "I fought the law, and the" Lawton (did berman already say this??)
    ----Julio "Leggo" Mateo (ya know, like the waffles)
    ----Rene "On down to the" Rivera "we ride" (BOSS!) Rene "Green" Rivera (another outstanding NW band)
    ----J.J. "He called you" Putz, sir (Beverly Hills cop II)
    ----Matt "Every rose has it's" Thornton (gotta love poison. i have a feeling this has already been used)
    ----Bobby "In" Livingston (like the early 90s sketch comedy show.)
    ----Yorman "No You da man" Bazardo
    ----Jaime "the disgraced" Moyer or Moyer "less" (Lameo. had to get a Jim West chirp in somehow tho)
    ----"the first" Joel Piniero, or even dumber: Joel "4 digit" Piniero
    ----"Joe Camp's" Kenji Johjima, or Kenji "the hunted" Johjima (like the dog, ya know?)
    ----"Volunteers of San" Marcos Carvajal (remember the movie "Bananas"?)
    ----Travis "Paint it" Blackly (too easy) Travis "Pitch" Blackly (lame) Travis "I wish I was" Blackly (this one is getting touchy, next name...)
    ----Jeremy "Speed" Reed, Jeremy Reed "to Achieve", Jeremy Reed "is FUNdamental" (nm)
    ----Yunienski "Back To" Betancourt
    ----Mike "Die" hardgrove (blah)
    ----Adrian "the" Beltre "boys" (fox news)

    that's all for now. i'd bet some of these have already been said before. I'm going to go reorganize my sock drawer and make the carpet frills face the same way now. post a few of your own.

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