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Congrats to M's playing in WBC!

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  • Congrats to M's playing in WBC!

    The M's have 21 players who will represent 10 different states in this spring's World Baseball Classic. 10 of them were off the major league 40 man roster, the other 11 came from the minor league system. Here they are, and their respective states:

    P Felix Hernandez (may not participate)
    P Marcos Carvajal
    2B Jose Lopez
    P Cesar Jimenez

    P Matt Rogelstad
    OF Sebastien Boucher

    C Thomas Gregorio

    3B Yung-Chi Chen
    P Chia-An Huang
    OF Kuo-Hui Lo
    C Chao-Kuan Wu

    Dominican Republic
    3B Adrian Beltre

    What's his Name

    OF Shin-Soo Choo

    OF Wladimir Balentien
    P Joe Woerman
    OF Gregory Halman

    P Travis Blackly (may not play)
    P Ryan Rowland-Smith

    Puerto Rico
    C Rene Rivera
    P Joel Pineiro

    I think this is a testament to the scouting department of the M's. They have always been amongst the best at evaluating foreign talent, and this proves it. It's also gonna be nice to finally get to watch these young kids that I'm always reading about play. It'll be a good experience for them as well- they will be playing against major league stars as well as fellow minor leaguers.

    I just hope the US/Cuba/World Baseball Commission can figure it out and make sure this event is a go. If it doesn't, it would be devastating to baseball and would make the US look bad (whether it really is our fault or not). LET EM PLAY

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    Cuba's in

    US Treasury announced that Cuba will be allowed to compete in the WBC. IT's pathetic that they had to pledge to donate all the proceeds to the Katrina Relief Fund just to get in (but good for those affected by Katrina). That means it should be a go.

    "At the State Department, spokesman Sean McCormack said the initial rejection was based on concerns Cuban spies might accompany the team."

    Gimme a friggin break. the only spies accompanying the team will be American, you can bet your ass on that.


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      Not a single American!


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