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last M.L.B. playoff win

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  • last M.L.B. playoff win

    Mariners are "low man on the totam pole" in terms of last M.L.B. playoff game win. In the entire league.

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    now that the Nats won it all they're still the only franchise to have never played in the World Series... they'll make it there one of these days, though. Just like the Browns and Lions will someday make it to a Super Bowl, and the Winnipeg Jets a Stanley Cup Final.
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      Definitely has been a long time. The current rebuild doesn't look bad though. Dipoto had really gutted the farm but the last 2 years he really was tanking hard. That was a good decision, even when Seattle had a solid start in 2019 he kept selling hard and got some good prospects. Next year he probably will stick with that approach and try to be as bad as possible and he should because he already tried patchworking and it didn't work so now it is time for the big tank.

      it sucks of course but after that time one more year doesn't make a big difference anyway, better try to build a really good team for 2022.
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