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Was 1995 comeback necessary to save Seattle baseball?

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  • Was 1995 comeback necessary to save Seattle baseball?

    I was reading about Edgar Martinez' hit that sparked a comeback, and how the '95 Mariners saved baseball in Seattle. And, it shows what the ravages of time does to the mind when you don't live in the area. So, I wanted to come ask about this.

    First, I thought I recalled that the voters refused a new stadium and then the vote was put out after that and they approved it (I could easily be remembering some other team there), but it wasn't like that. It was apparently the count that pushed for the Council that pushed it through in a similar vein to the Illinois legislature and New Comiskey, sans clock stoppage. :-)

    But, that made me wonder - were the legislators that fired up about baseball? Or would they have perhaps approved the stadium anyway. On the one hand, I can see where they might have said, "Yeah, we're really drawing fans now, the economy is booming because of the Mainers and all the local businesses around the park are helped." On the other hand, I think of how New Comiskey was approved, and I wonder, would they have given them the new stadium anyway?

    But, then again, would they have called the bluff of the Mariners? Because Tampa and Phoenix had by this time gotten their expansion teams, Peter Angelos surely wasn't going to approve of an American League club moving to Northern Virginia or Washington, so who was left? Vancouver? Buffalo? A third team in New York/New Jersey?

    As much fun as I had following the Indians that year, I was really glad to see Seattle win the division that year. I had hopes that they could win a pennant in the following year or two. So, on this 25th anniversary, I am curious about how likely it was that the Mariners might have gotten that ballpark, anyway.
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    The Mariners organization has been living off the gravy of the nostalgia of 1995 since 1995. And worshiping Ichiro, and Felix. Plus Griffey's return in 2009. That was pretty good for milking it for a couple of seasons.

    World Series? Meh. We don't have to commit to getting to one of those. We can just show "The Double" periodically and get the fans to reminisce about that. No playoffs since 2001? Not a problem!

    I'm just kidding though, really. I'll always love the Mariners. Unless they really do wind up leaving Seattle at some point. Then I would probably start to inevitably lose interest.


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