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Do you think Kyle Seager will be playing for the Mariners next season?

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  • Do you think Kyle Seager will be playing for the Mariners next season?

    If he doesn't, there are two achievements in particular I would love to see Kyle Seager reach before the end of the 2021 season.

    Number One: I would like to see Kyle Seager (280) pass Ichiro Suzuki (295) for third place in most doubles in franchise history. Barring injury, this one should be a slam dunk as he only needs 16 2Bs to pass Ichiro. The #1 and #2 2Bs hitters? Oh, nobody special, just Hall Of Famers Ken Griffey, Jr. (341) and Edgar "Mr. Doubles Machine" Martinez (514). (Imagine if he played for the Mariners in 2022 too -- he could potentially even pass Griffey!)

    Number Two: I would like to see Kyle Seager (500) pass Jay Buhner (557) for third place in most extra base hits in franchise history. This one will be a little bit more of a challenge than the plain old doubles mark, but still quite doable for Seager. He would need to get 58 XBHs in 2021 to pass Buhner. He is certainly capable of hitting 30 2Bs and 30 HRs in one season (or 35 2Bs and 25 homers). And who knows maybe he will even throw in a 3B or two along the way somewhere. On the other hand, maybe it's possible he could slump his way to a somewhat subpar season. Here again, the #1 and #2 XBHs hitters are Griffey (788), and Edgar (838).

    ‘You just want to win’: Kyle Seager reflects on his career with the Mariners, being ‘overpaid’ and more

    And barring something unforeseen, that time will end after the 2021 season. The seven-year, $100 million contract that he signed before the 2015 season will be done. Technically, the Mariners could bring him back by exercising a club option that would pay out a minimum of $15 million and up to $20 million for the 2022 season.

    “That’s ultimately their decision,” he said. “Me worrying about whether they’re gonna pick up the option, not pick it up, that doesn’t help me go out and do my job.”

    Even before now-former CEO Kevin Mather called him “overpaid” and said this would “probably be his last season as a Mariner,” Seager knew it was trending that way based on the team’s direction and financial thinking.

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    The nice thing is, Seager has already passed Alvin Davis in the 1Bs department this season, and will be passing Harold Reynolds too before too much longer. And as far as 2Bs, well he hit two last night and so is now only three behind Ichiro all-time. He will be leapfrogging a bunch of other Big Name guys in a bunch of other categories too as the season rolls along so that's pretty cool. Still 35 behind Buher in the XBHs category, but I think he will get there this season, provided he stays healthy. Probably won't be until the second half of September but I do believe he will get there.


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      With two hits and a B.B. yesterday, Seager has now passed Alvin Davis for fifth place all-time in T.O.B. Davis had 1,863 during his Mariners career, Seager now has 1,864. He won't pass Buhner (2,096) this year for fourth place though, but he could if he wound up playing for the Mariners again in 2022. Provided he stays healthy of course.


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        Well, Seager just passed Ichiro yesterday (6/19/21) for third-most doubles in team history, now behind only Edgar and Griffey. Yay congratulations! That was one of my main goals I mentioned in the O.P. Yahoo!!!

        Seager now has 296 doubles to Ichiro's 295. And he did it well before the halfway point of the season. So at this rate he will probably wind up with about 35 doubles on the season, which would give him 315 for his career. For Seager, that would definitely be striking distance from Griffey's 341, if he were to in fact play for the Mariners again in 2022.


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          Well wasn't that interesting. Seager got four BBs in the game against the Angels tonight, a career high for him for one game!

          Unfortunately it didn't result in him getting any Rs scored, and the Mariners lost to the Angels seven to four.

          Also, it would have been cool if at least one of those BBs was an IBB, but they weren't. I would like to see Seager get at least two more IBBs before this season is over!

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