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Kenji locked up through 2011

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  • Kenji locked up through 2011

    Press conference at 3 p.m. PT with contract details.

    I'm getting to the point where every day feels like a ticking time bomb with Bavasi. It's like he wants to get as many bad deals done in as short time period as possible. Kenji isn't a bad catcher, but he's not really that good. And, oh yeah, the organization's best prospect is a catcher (Jeff Clement, who is stuck in AAA). Depending on the terms of the deal, this could be good or bad. But excuse me if I'm not optimistic...
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    3 years/$24 million -- ouch


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      --Johjima is a solid catcher. I wouldn't mind having him around 3 more years - if our best prospect wasn't a catcher. This either blocks Clements or moves him to DH/1B. I'm not crazy about either scenario. I guess the upside is that since he won't be our regular catcher next year there is no reason not to get his bat up helping us now.


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        It wouldn't be bad

        if Kenji was not in the most awful slump of his life...he's tough and has good footwork...For a guy who's played the Catcher position for over 15 years going back to his teens, he's amazingly spry, flexible, and quick...I thought he was snapping out of his slump a couple of weeks looks as though he's trying to go up the middle and the other way...perhaps analysis paralysis has set in...


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