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Hm...John McLaren...?

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  • Hm...John McLaren...?

    I was kinda hoping John becomes good manager before 2008 season..
    But i'm not sure if he is today
    When I first heard Mark Lowe was back up closer for JJ, I didn't think Mark was that good at fact thought he's good for right hander specialist(less than one inning..)
    And when cha-seung baek was pitching fine for 4 inning...why did john do pitching chagne to Eric O'Flaherty?? and gave up many runs...
    Also i don't think he's making good pitching change, look at last year, when horacio was bad, john decided to change pitcher after just first few pitching in FIRST inning.
    I think he's not making good pitching change at all...and etc problems..
    (like changing roster so many times...wilkerson...cha-seung baek....)
    is there any better manager left as free agent?
    Still....I hope mariners and John become huge mariner fan

    Wel..ANYWAY~~~~What do you think of J. McLaren?
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