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  • The slow start in 2004 is the only thing that prevented him from hitting .400 That year he hit .255 in April. This year he hit .280 for the month because this time he snapped out of his slump in the third week of the season nistead of later.

    He's got a legitimate chance to hit .380 or even .390 this year...and a very outside shot at .400.


    • check it out

      Cool thread going on now discussing the chance that someone can hit .400


      • Do Walks Matter ?

        The Qwest For (.400)


        Some have said that Ichiro can't hit (.400) because he doesn't walk enough. Sure Ichiro averages (46) walks per year, since he's been in the bigs.

        Here are walk totals for guys that hit (.400) or came close:

        Player BB AVG Year

        Cobb 44 .420 1911
        Cobb 43 .410 1912
        Cobb 55 .401 1922

        Hornsby 65 .401 1922
        Hornsby 89 .424 1924
        Hornsby 143 .403 1925

        Williams 145 .406 1941
        Williams 119 .388 1957

        Brett 58 .390 1980

        Qwynn 48 .394 1994

        Ichiro 49 .372 2004

        Hitting (.400) is basically going 2 for 5. Two hits every five at bats. Walks, as we know, are not an offical AB and don't count. Say Ichiro is over (.400) in August and September, will he get Intentional Walks or will they just pitch to him ? Does it matter ? As mentioned above, he has hit over (.400) for the last half of ('04.) Why can't he do it for the rest of the year ? Right know he is making it look like kid stuff. In addition, he might as well brake Joe D's (56) game hit streak while he's at it.

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        • Well, like in 2004, Ichiro got off to a slow start, it was not nearly as slow, and he has picked it up a bit more now than he did then. So in reality, the only difference from this year and 2004 is that he is currently hitting 36 points higher than at the same point two years ago. This includes him having 8 more hits than at the same point in his historic '04 season.

          So if we say that the only reason that he didn't hit .400 in 2004 was his slow start, his 30+ points that he has bettered himself by at the same point helps to stop that from being a hinderance this year if he makes another run at .400.

          For the season, he has 105 hits (pace for 254), and has a line of: .367/.416/.462 (in 2004, he was "only" hitting .331/.379/.410, with 97 hits).

          I won't say that he will hit .400 - though I would LOVE it to happen! But I will say that it is definitely still a possibility - he has left himself a chance (in part by hitting nearly .520 in the month of June.

          Speaking of his hitting in June, including tonight, he has 28 hits (is on pace for 61 for the month), and has a line of: .519/.543/.722.

          Also, while Ichiro is keeping up his current pace, his Batting title rival Joe Mauer has finally started to slip recently, dropping from hit .388 (.386?) a few days ago, to the .376 of today, while ichiro has risen to a .367 BA, and as I have said all along, he will soon pass Mauer (I give him about a week to do it - maybe even less).

          I should also mention, that while Ichiro is in the top 5 in SB's in the league, he is also leading the league in SB%, with 91%, by going 20 and 2 this season, and has been successful in his past 14 attempts.
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          • Originally posted by Edgartohof
            Speaking of his hitting in June, including tonight, he has 28 hits (is on pace for 61 for the month), and has a line of: .519/.543/.722.
            I can't believe the tear this guy is on. He has a 14 gamer going, but more importantly, he's had 33 hits in those 14 games.

            Out of curiousity, I looked up the record for hits in one month. It's shared by two players- Ty Cobb had 67 hits in both July of 1912 and July of 1922, and Speaker had 67 in July of 1923. These guys must have hit close to a .600 clip for an entire month to get that many hits.

            Could Ichiro get his average up to .400 and keep it there? I've been thinking about it, and I think he could, but with so many at bats, it'd be brutally hard not to regress to the mean, as people have noted.

            Think about it this way- Ted Williams hit .388 in 1957- and would have only needed 5 more hits to hit .400. Ichiro would have needed 20 more hits to do it in 2004. When we're talking about the upper limits of human potential, and factoring in luck, 20 hits is a lot to ask for, 5 seems more plausible.

            I'm not saying he can't do it- I think he has a shot in the next few years, with an truly outside shot this year. But it might be more difficult for him because of his approach to hitting (and leading off) than I originally thought.

            Either way, I'll be watching and rooting for him the whole way.


            • Well, Mauer is still holding on at number one in BA (a lot longer than I thought he would/could), with Ichiro still in second.



              He is also 3rd in runs scored, and stolen bases, and has a commanding lead in hits (111 to 99), and is still on pace for more than 250 hits this season, and this is with him coming into July in a couple weeks, during which, he is historically hot!


              • 19 game hitting streak.

                Went 1-3 tonight, with 2 runs, a walk, a Sacrifice Fly (first of season), and an RBI.

                Ichiro has 112 hits, and is on pace for 253 this season. He is also second in the league with a .365 BA (though Mauer is slipping, and is down to .378), and 3rd in runs scored with 47.


                • 20 game hit streak for Ichiro!!!

                  I believe that is his 4th of his MLB career (a couple 21 game hit streaks, and a 23 game hit streak).

                  Oh, and Carl Everett also hit his 200th career HR in that same inning (a solo shot just before Ichiro came up).


                  • In June (.463/.494/.638)
                    37 hits,6 SB's (100%), 17 runs

                    During 20 game hit streak (last 2 games in May to the present): (.472/.510/.629)
                    42 hits, 22 runs (in 20 games)

                    He is still hitting .365, but with Mauer slowly slipping, the gap is now down to only 12 points (.365-.377).

                    Ichiro also tacked on a SB's late in the game, for his 23rd of the season, and is now 4th in SB's and still has the best SB percentage in the league (92%). He is also tied for 2nd in the league in Runs (58), and is 9th in OBP.


                    • Well, the 20 game hit streak is over, but he is on his way to another one (2 games so far).

                      Also, the gap between him and Mauer for the batting title is now under 10 points (8 to be exact), and it's not like Mauer is exactly doing bad either, as he is still hitting around .390 for the entire month - so not bad on his part.

                      Ichiro is 3rd in runs, 2nd in triples, 3rd in SB's, 2nd in BA, 10th in OBP, and 1st in hits.


                      • ICHIRO! ICHIRO!

                        3 for 3!

                        2 RUN HOME RUN RALLY!

                        ICHIRO! ICHIRO!



                        • LOL

                          Ichiro's way back behind Mauer now again...hitting .362 after tonight's 3 for 3 but Mauer's now up to like .389 or something ridiculous.


                          • By the way,congrats to Ichiro on another All-Star game selection!


                            • Well, Ichiro is off to another hot month.

                              In his first 2 games of the month of July, he has:

                              6 hits (3 hits each night), 3 walks, 4 runs, 1 double, 1 triple, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 15 TB(!!!), 2 SB's, and 0 SO's!

                              I should mention, that historically speaking, July is his second best month (May being his best). And what a way to start it out!!!

                              For the season, he has:

                              83 - Games (T-1st)
                              354 - AB (1st)
                              65 - R (2nd)
                              127 - hits (1st)
                              9 - doubles
                              6 - triples (T-2nd)
                              6 - HR
                              30 - RBI
                              29 - BB
                              34 - SO
                              10.41 - AB/SO (10th - out of those in the top 100 in AB's)
                              SB - 27 (T-3rd)
                              CS - 2
                              SB% - 93.1% (1st)
                              .359 - BA (2nd)
                              .412 - OBP (9th)
                              .469 - SLG

                              So not a bad year for him so far, being on pace for 248 hits, which would make him the ONLY player to have 3 seasons of 240+ hits, and the only player with 3 seasons of 230+ hits as well (Hornsby came closest with 235, 250, and 229).


                              • Originally posted by Edgartohof
                                Is there anything this guy can't do? It is only the 2rd inning and he is already 2-2 with (get this) another leadoff homerun in the first inning, 2 runs, and 3 RBI.

                                Not bad, but there are still 6 more innings to play.
                                Proly just his power numbers, 15 HR I rekkin' his highest total...

                                Other than that, he is a potential leader on other counts.


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