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    So at this point, 45 to tie the record, but if he goes that far, why not set the record, so for that he needs 46 hits. And if he does not want an asterisk next to his name, he needs to do it in 24 games, that is an average of 1.917 hits/game - and he has been hitting above that pace for the second half of the season (~2.07 hits/game).

    But for those who do not care if he gets the record in 154 games (the same amount of time it took Sisler), then, Ichiro will only need to average 1.6 hits/game over the next 29 games (for 159 games total) - something entirely possible.


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      2 for 3 today with a run, a stolen base and a base on balls (intentional).
      Another fine day for Ichiro , but the Mariners lost h .


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        So at this point, with 214 hits, and 44 hits to set the record. These are the paces that he will have to keep to attain it:

        44 hits in 23 games = 1.92 hits/game (154 games total)

        44 hits in 28 games= 1.58 hits/game (159 games total)

        August pace: 2.00 hits/game (56 hits in 28 games)

        September pace: 2.00 hits/game (2 hits in 1 game)

        So again, it is something totally attainable for Ichiro at this point, but we will not know for sure until the end.


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          Today Ichiro went 3 for 5 to raise his average to .374, the highest it's been all season. He also had a run, an rbi and a stolen base. He has multiple hits in 4 straight games and 6 of the last 7 (4 of which were 3-hit games).

          The Mariners lost, if anyone still cares at this point in the season.

          Edgartohof: I hate to nitpick, but in your previous post you mentioned the pace Ichiro would need to get the hits in 154 games. However, I think you are counting Ichiro's games, not team games. Since he has sat out a couple times this season he has less games than the total team games. A purist would probably say that every team game counts. On the other hand, a 154 game season would mean (I assume) that there are more days off and hence players might not need the days off like they do in a 162-game schedule (although in the old days travel probably took longer, but the teams were less spread out geographically; whether that evens things out I'm not sure). I guess it just shows that it's hard to compare feats from different eras.

          I checked in Baseball Reference and Sisler apparantly played in every game that year, so maybe individual games rather than team games is the proper measure.
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            Thank you Gaijin for pointing out my flaw, luckily for me, Ichiro has only sat out 1 game this season, so I was not too far off.

            So here are some revised numbers:

            Assuming Ichiro gets (or is forced) to sit out one more game, by the time the Mariner's have played 154, Ichiro would have played 152 (153 if he doesn't sit out), so to set the record of 258 hits in that time, Ichiro will have to hit 41 hits in 20 games (2.05 hits/game) or 41 hits in 21 games (1.95 hits/game). As of yet, Ichiro's season pace is not there to get it in only 154 games, but his season pace is lower because of the 1st half of the season, and his post break pace is climbing.

            As of yet, Ichiro has 217 hits in 133 games (again the teams total - Ichiro has only played in 132 so far) and that is ~1.63 hits/game - not on pace

            Pre All-Star pace - 119 hits in 86 games ~1.38 hits/game
            Post All-Star pace - 98 hits in 47 games ~2.08 hits/game (and rising)

            So Ichiro's pace for the 2nd half of the season is right where it needs to be.
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              I really don't think Melvin would sit him now anymore, not while he's got a realistic chance of getting the record. Right now he's in the zone.

              Although I guess he only sat out 1 game entirely, I recall once or twice that he didn't start, but was used as a pinch hitter in the late innings. And he also left early that one time after getting beaned.


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                Yeah, I don't think Ichiro is going to get a day of rest. He'll never say to the Manager "I really need the day off." Melvin just has to figure out when Ichiro needs a day off, and with Ichiro's streak I don't think he'll get one, nor do I think he wants one.
                "If Heathcliff Slocumb's a closer, then I'm a chinamen"

                -Harry Carrey


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                  In Chicago tonight,Ichiro through 6 innings has gone 3-for-3 with 3 singles and 2 runs scored. That leaves him 36 hits shy of George Sisler's single season record of 257 hits.

                  The Mariners left the bases loaded in the 6th and are trailing Chicago 7-2.


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                    Ichiro hits one up the middle in the 7th inning to go 4-4.

                    White Sox starter Mark Buehrle after the 3rd hit just looked at Ichiro and just smiled like,"You're killing me out here."

                    After his 4th hit,Buehrle doffed his cap to Ichiro to salute him on his performance.


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                      Make it 4 for 4 now and add an rbi!

                      He's on fire.

                      However, the White Sox as a team are really manhandling the Mariners.


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                        A single over Paul Konerko's head off Jeff Bajenaru gives Ichiro a 5 for 5 night.

                        The White Sox fans gave Ichiro a standing ovation after his hit.

                        Great job tonight Ichiro.


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                          5 for 5!

                          There's only one thing left to say:

                          We're not worthy!
                          We're not worthy!
                          We're not worthy!


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                            The man is just simply amazing.That's all I can say about Ichiro.

                            I hope he breaks the record.


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                              During the game (as televised over here in Seattle), the announcers noted that Ichiro needs to bat only .297 for the rest of the season to break the hits record. On the other hand, Ichiro would have to bat .509 the rest of the season to break .400.

                              For both of those achievements, it was assumed that Ichiro would keep getting ABs at the rate he has been getting them; if he gets walked more often, he'll have to up those rates. Of course, walking Ichiro doesn't accomplish as much as walking a slugger like Barry Bonds, since Ichiro was pretty much going to end up on first anyway.

                              Go Ichiro!
                              "Under lights in the dark at the edge of the Sound
                              With a crack of the bat the ball flashes to ground
                              And leaps to the left through the glorious green
                              Of the SAFECO Field grass to a fielding machine
                              Comes a grab that is sure and a toss that is shrewd
                              Guillen to Boone to Olerud"

                              Excerpt from "Guillen to Boone to Olerud" by John P. Todd (2001)


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                                This guy is beyond amazing. He is everything that is good in baseball today (okay, so maybe not everything - but close ). he goes out there night after night, and puts on a show, both at the plate and on the field, the latter part being greatly shadowed by his offensive accomplishments, but it is still there.

                                While nobody really cares, the Mariners lost , and on a more personal note, Edgar got a stolen base.


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