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  • Well, this is now 6 games in a row with multiple hits for Ichiro. 2-4 so far today with a double and a run scored. The game is not over yet;the M's are leading 4-3 at the moment.
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    • Yup, like I said, the game wasn't over yet. Ichiro got another hit in the top of the 9th inning and is now 3-5 to end the night!

      He is now hitting .577/.621/.885 over the last 6 games and .356/.401/.452 on the season!

      52 hits on the season in 35 games, putting him on pace for 241 hits!
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      • The only thing worth mentioning these days is some good starting pitching and . . . you guessed it, Ichiro.

        He posted another 2 hit game today in another sad sad loss by the Mariners.

        He went 2-4 today to bring his season hits total to 54, is now hitting .360 on the season and is on pace for 243 hits which would be his 2nd highest season total !


        • Guys, does anyone know what the length of Ichiros bat is? Thanks in advance.


          • In April, Ichiro hit .344/.388/.406 with 33 hits in 23 games

            In May, he is hitting .360/.402/.465 with 31 hits in 21 games

            This gives him 64 hits in 44 games which puts him on pace for 236 hits this season!

            April showed a noteable improvement on the .298/.350/.398 career line he posts for that month, and he went on to improve on that in May as well, though his numbers only matched, not surpassed his career numbers for May; .365/.412/.470 (career) vs. .360/.402/.465 (2010). He still has a few games this month to affect the numbers one way or another, but I don't think he is going to be hurting them at all. Especially since he has 23 multi-hit games this season, something he has done in more than half of his games! There are still 5 more games to be played this month, including a 2 game series against Detroit and a 3-gamer against the Angels.
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            • A few more walk-off losses for the M's, but a couple more hits for Ichiro. He is at 69 on the season, on pace for 228 hits!

              Last night gave him his 25th multi-hit game of the season and 647th of his career!


              • Ichiro is currently leading all AL outfielders in All-Star voting with 604,000+ votes so far! This will be his 10th consecutive All-Star game selection.

                He is already 2-3 in the game today to give him his 26th multi-hit game of the season!


                • Ich ended up with 3 hits in last nights win, to bring his season total to 73. This puts him on pace for 232 hits this season.

                  Figgins also had a couple hits (and a walk); the two of them have both hit safely in their last 5 games - 17 hits, 7 walks and 9 runs between the two of them!
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                  • Guess what? Ichiro is now only 2 runs shy of 1,000 scored over his MLB career!

                    Also, now thst Griffey has retired the countdown can officially begin re: Ichiro passing Griffey in a number of categories on the all-time Mariners list.

                    Such as: games played, at-bats (only two away there), plate appearances, runs scored, total bases, possibly doubles, times on base, possibly IBBs.


                    • Make that only 1 run away from 1,000!

                      The Stolen Base seems to be the key for the Mariner's early in the game as they have 5 already (3 from Ichiro). Ich walked in the 1st and stole a base. Then in the 3rd he knocked in Saunders who had doubled and stolen 3rd base. Ich subsequently stole 2nd AND 3rd to put himself into scoring position. A couple batters later and Jose Lopez hits a 3 run HR for his 4th HR of the season! Speaking of Lopez, he has been on fire as of late - hitting .382/.405/.588 during his 8 game hitting streak (and that is not including tonight).
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                      • M's lose but not in any part to Ichiro who did his part again as he went 3-4 with 1 RBI and a SB.

                        8 game hitting streak for him now, batting .438/.514/.469 over that time with 14 hits, 5 runs, 5 RBI and 6 SB's!

                        His season hits total is now up to 78, putting him in 2nd place in the league (behind only Cano) and on pace for around 234 hits. He is still 1 run away from 1,000 as the M's were not able to knock him in last night - in fact, his RBI single in the 5th inning was the only run for the Mariners all night.

                        I've always said it, but you know that Ichiro is really on his A game when he is stealing bases. Not really scientific and all, more of an observation I guess . . .


                        • Pathetic game today on behalf of the pitchers. Ichiro posted 2 hits (1 double), a walk and he scored his 1,000th run of his MLB career!!! So at least there was one bright spot in todays game!

                          9 game hitting streak now, hitting .456/.512/.514 over this time with 16 hits! He has 10 hits in the first 5 games of June, hitting .500!
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                          • He's hitting .474/.565/.553/1.118 18 hits in 38 AB's, 3 doubles, 7 runs, 6 RBI, 7 BB, 6 SB during his 10 game hit streak.

                            And so far in June he is hitting .522 with 12 hits!


                            • I was just on BB-ref and was using the play index to check this out, but including his current 10 game hit streak, he has 34 hit streaks of 10+ games, including 6 of 20 or more games!!! I believe that a couple years ago someone mentioned he had the active record for this (Jeter was #2 at the time), so I imagine that is still the case. But wow, 34! I wonder who has the record . . . something to look into I guess.


                              • Well, no hits for Ichiro but he gets a couple of walks and another stolen base, his 18th of the season. I just noticed on top of this that he was 100th in SB's today - and now is tied for 98th with 359 SB's!


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