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    I just figured that with all of the different ichiro threads floating around, it was about time Ichiro was given a specific thread just for himself. This thread is for anything "Ichiro".

    I'll start it off by stating that Ichiro just had another amazing night (or day actually), he went 3-4 with a leadoff homerun in the first and 2 runs.

    He is now batting .362 with 185 hits in 116 games (on pace for 253 hits in 159 games - so probably no hits record but pretty close). He is now just 15 hits away from being the first player to have 200 hits in their first 4 seasons.

    Just as a side note, ICHIRO is leading the mariners in Slugging pct!!!

    Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners' RF,
    July 14, 2004 All Star Game against Clemens, Houston, TX---------September 30, 2004-------------------------2001-06 ---BB Ref---Ichiro Thread

    Ichiro's Relative Stats: After 2007 season, 7 full seasons.

    ----Relative BA-----Rel.Slg.-------Rel.Onbase----Rel.ISO-------OPS+
    ----126 (10th)--------1.03------------114--------------------119 (t 347th)
    How Fever evaluated Ichiro as an All-Time RFer, in our 3 polls.

    Here are the results of our 1st. RF poll, conducted by leecemark, December 8, 2004, 07:48 PM

    1) Babe Ruth 210
    2) Hank Aaron 189
    3) Frank Robinson 163
    4) Mel Ott 131
    5) Al Kaline 74
    6) Tony Gwynn 72
    7) Roberto Clemente 71
    8) Reggie Jackson 54
    9) Paul Waner 52
    10) Sam Crawford 49
    11) Harry Heilmann 30
    12) Pete Rose 12
    12) Ichiro Suzuki 12
    14) Dave Winfield 9
    14) Willie Keeler 9

    --other vote getters; Chuck Klein, Tony Oliva, Roger Maris, Kiki Cuyler, Sam Rice, Sam Thompson, Dwight Evans and Sammy Sosa.
    Here are the results of our 2nd. poll, conducted by 538280, December 27, 2005, 10:55 AM

    We had 15 ballots submitted, and unsurprisingly, Babe Ruth was unanimously elected as our #1 RFer, with Hank Aaron also being a unanimous #2 choice. Frank Robinson and Mel Ott were the clear #3 and #4, but then after that things get really interesting. Here's everyone who received 12 or more points (first place votes in parenthesis):

    1. Babe Ruth-180 (15)
    2. Hank Aaron-135
    3. Frank Robinson-115
    4. Mel Ott-99
    5. Tony Gwynn-53
    6. Sam Crawford-50
    7. Reggie Jackson-49
    8. Roberto Clemente-42
    9. Pete Rose-38
    10. Al Kaline-35
    11. Paul Waner-22
    12. Gary Sheffield-12
    Here are the results of our 3rd. poll, conducted by Bill Burgess, June 6, 2007, 05:46 PM

    1. Babe Ruth - 159
    2. Hank Aaron - 145
    3. Frank Robinson - 124
    4. Mel Ott - 83
    5. Paul Waner - 79
    6. Reggie Jackson - 67
    7. Roberto Clemente - 55
    8. Tony Gwynn - 52
    9. Sam Crawford - 47
    10. Al Kaline - 41
    11. Pete Rose - 12.5
    12. Gary Sheffield - 12
    13. Harry Heilmann - 9
    13. Vladimir Guerrero - 9
    13. Dave Winfield - 9
    16. Ichiro Suzuki - 2.5
    17. Willie Keeler - 2
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    Is there anything this guy can't do? It is only the 2rd inning and he is already 2-2 with (get this) another leadoff homerun in the first inning, 2 runs, and 3 RBI.

    Not bad, but there are still 6 more innings to play.


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      At his current pace (take that for what you will), Ichiro is now on track for a record 262 hits this year...
      RIP - HGF [1937-2009]


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        According to my calculation he's on pace for 259 (he's played in 116 of 118 Mariner games).

        33 hits in August so far (.516 avg) puts him in good shape for another 50-hit month.

        He's hitting .486 since the all-star break.

        Is the record for hits in a season 257? He would have to maintain a blistering pace for the remainder of the season.

        September has been Ichiro's least productive month (.283) over his first 3 seasons.


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          To wrap up the day, Ichiro went 4-4 with a leadoff HR, 2 runs, and 5 RBI!!!

          He now has a .366 Avg, .408 OBP, .456 Slg, 189 Hits, 72 Runs, 20 2B, 4 3B, 6 HR, 44 RBI, 35 BB, 28 SB, and 235 TB. Not a bad year for anyone, and it's only 2/3 of the way through.


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            Well Ichiro is out on a scary note today, after going 0-1 in the first, he gets hit in the head with a pitch in the third - I sure hope he is all right, but when things like this happen, you just never know. Let's hope the Mariner's use this as a reason to win.


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              Yeah that was nasty! I heard he has a mild concussion. Here's to a speedy recovery!
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                The article I read says he suffered a mild concussion and is doubtful for Thursday. Even if he only misses a game or two, it might be just enough to prevent him from getting another 50-hit month. I guess this too is just part of the game, though. I hope he'll be OK by game time tomorrow.


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                  I know it has been mentioned before, but what do you think it will take for Ichiro to make it to the HOF?

                  Personally I think I will just take him playing the requisite 10 years, even if he slows down some.


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                    Luckily with the game getting rained out yesterday, and with Ichiro likely playing today, he will not have lost another game of play, as the game will be made up as a double header later - and the last time Ichiro was in a double header, he went 6-6 (5-5 and 1-1).


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                      I just posted these numbers in another thread, but I felt they belonged here too.

                      Ichiro's 4 year average


                      217 hits
                      108 runs
                      27 2B
                      7 3B
                      9 HR
                      57 RBI
                      37 SB
                      42 BB
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                        Well the Mariner's lost again, but Ichiro had another fair night.

                        In his first game since getting beaned in the head (actually he didn't miss any games because the last one was rained out), he went 3-4 with 1 run - not bad.

                        His average is now up to.369 and he is on pace for 256 hits in 159 games - he could do it but it will be close.


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                          Is this guy from this planet?

                          I was going to wait till the end of the game to post, but already Ichiro has a single double and triple in today's game so far.

                          In other news Bonds went 4-4 today to raise his average to .372. He's from a different galaxy apparantly.


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                            ichiro just got another hit, an infield single, he is now 4-5 in the seventh inning. i believe he's at 196 hits for the year now. correct me if i'm wrong.
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                            C-Johnny Bench
                            3B-Mike Schmidt
                            P-walter johnson
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                              here is an article from about ichiro's pursuit of sislers record:

                              Ichiro, batting nearly .500 since the break, could surpass George Sisler's 84-year-old record for most hits.
                              my all-century team:
                              OF-Ty Cobb
                              SS-Honus Wagner
                              OF-Willie Mays
                              OF-Babe Ruth
                              1B-Lou Gehrig
                              2B-Rogers Hornsby
                              C-Johnny Bench
                              3B-Mike Schmidt
                              P-walter johnson
                              RP-who needs relief when you have Walter Johnson?


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