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  • Updates anyone?

    I'm a soldier in Iraq and there is a 0% chance of me getting to watch any M's games. The AFN network will show random games and it's doubtful I'll see any of the Mariners games, so I'm asking a favor. Can anyone just tell me who looked good in the opener? I was able to get the boxscore on the Mariners' website (way to start off your USA career, Johjima) but I don't see any highlights and anything going on in the field. Someone please keep me posted every once in awhile and it'll be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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    update central

    A few young guys up the middle, plenty of vets surrounding them. Those two kids at second and short are slick fielders and they can swing the bat. Lopez, with I believe two strikes, and protecting, slapped a low and away pitch to right, with runners on. A fine piece of hitting for a guy who played about 60 games last year. This, his first full year in the bigs. A great game but still a loss. Putz served one up late and the fat lady sang a sad song.

    The catcher showed he can play defense and he's athletic. We knew he could hit.

    Have you tried the game tracker on: It's not a live game, but it's pretty good. Also, I think has a broadcast of games. you have to register and pay, if your into that.
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      Overall, though we lost the opener, the team looked pretty good. The first three innings, nothing happened on our part, as Colon was looking great. Ichiro surprisingly struckout twice, and wasn't too pretty doing so, but I wouldn't worry about that.

      Moyer actually looked decent, or as decent as any 43 year old can - he definitely in his prime. For example, when Vlad went up to the plate, he seemed to have picked something up on Moyer, and knew what he was going to get, and subsequently smashed a homerun. Moyer has always had to rely on location, so if he doesn't have that, be worried, but then again, it was just the first game of the year, so things should pan out with him, since all in all, he was good, only giving up 3 runs and only walked one

      To add to the "excitement" of the game if you will, Sexson fobbled the first two balls that came to him, though he still recorded the outs (him and Moyer) - just the (bad) luck of the draw I guess, along with opening day jitters is all, he settled down after that.

      What was great though, was watching the new catcher Johjima - he handled the pitches well, and he had a surprising opening day homerun, and I might add, he added to that with another homerun today! And to think that some people didn't think that his power would translate from Japan to the MLB - HA!

      For their second game, the Mariners won, coming to an early lead, one which they would not relinquish, sparked by the homerun by catcher Kenji Johjima (as already mentioned above).

      In fact, the whole offense looked good, everyone doing their part, and everyone got at least one hit and one run. Ichiro recorded two hits in the game, and was hit by a pitch as well. Sexson, who had hit a couple healthy balls to center field, that got the crowd ooohhing for a moment before they were caught, finally connected tonight, for a monster 3 run blast, and ended the night going 3-5 with 5 RBI.

      Rafael Soriano, also looked good, as he pitched in both of the first two games of the season, for a total of 1 2/3 scoreless innings. So hopefully he if fully recovered from his injuries and surgeries, and can get a performance out of him, at least somewhat remeniscent of '03

      I guess that's all that I have for now - more later.


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        Moyer tipping pitches ?

        that pitch Vlad hit for the dinger was a foot off the ground low and away. Vlad is always fishing. I think it interesting that Moyer is tipping his pitches...even if you know that low and away is coming, you still got to hit it...and hit it out is an awesome thing.


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          Hey guys. Thanks. I don't check this site too often because the internet here is really bad. I appreciate the information!



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            Mariners beat the Angels 5-4 in 13 innings @ the big A !

            The M's bullpen held the Angels scoreless for seven (7) innings and "Big" Richie Sexton broke out of his slump with a big go ahead HR in the 13th, for Seattle.

            The M's are sending a message to the AL West, that they are not going to just lay down in division games. The Mariners are 5-7 in the divison and 7-9 on the road this year. Oakland has the best record so far against Western foes at (9-6). jTexas, the leader in the West, has a (.500) record in the divison followed by the LA Angels @ (6-7).

            Texas 19-17
            Oakland 17-19
            LA 16-21
            Seattle 16-22


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              M's take 2 of 3 from Angels

              Emiliano Fruto pitched 3 & 2/3rd's of scoreless relief for the save and M's bats explode with four long balls as the M's win. The Mariners knocked the Angels into the basement of the AL West and Moved into third place in the West three and a half games behind divison leaderTexas. Fruto, just called up from Triple A Tacoma, had four saves for the Rainiers.


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                da M's

                The Mariners are playing pretty good ball and it looks as though they are turning this thing around. They are four games back of West leader Texas. I know it's still early, but they are five games back of Texas in the loss column. Further review shows that they have played two more games then both Oakland and Texas. Texas, had two rainouts this past week at BOS. These are two games the M's cant' get back from the loss column. The thing is whether Texas fades in the dog days as usual or not, these will be meanful games to Boston, who figures to in a fight. The games will be made up. Hopefully, in some late August or September double-header at Fenway. The M's went back East in April and survived the trip without any rainouts. Knock on wood.
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                  M's swept by Oakland

                  The Mariners are swept out of Oakland. Traditionally a tough place for Seattle to play. The M's have had trouble with lefties this year and have always had trouble with Zito, who owns them. Some bad breaks and seeing eye singles in the first game, and just out played in last two. Seattle gathered many hits, but couldn't put them together. The M's had hopes of a .500 road trip but this was dashed when the brooms came out in Oakland. Seattle goes home to play a scrappy Tampa Bay club and A hot San Diego team in a six game homestand.
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                    M's beat Padres for second night in row

                    Great pitching by Meche and some big hits by the powerful M's offense, which has yet to reach it's full potential, helped da M's crush the San Diego. The King gets the start today, as the Mariners get the brooms out and try to sweep away the Padres.


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                      just when you thought...

                      the M's were turning this thing around, they get smoked by MINN and they are getting stomped by TEX. A team that was hitting good and pitching good, all of a sudden cant' buy a clutch hit. Obvious of this frustration, is when the skipper asks his leader in RBI's and HR's, Lopez to drop down a bunt or two to move'em over. This is really showing confidence in your hottest bat.

                      Side Note: when Carl Everett was called out looking in the 9th, with two guys on, in a two run game, that had to be the worst call I've ever seen. The pitch, a braking ball, was a good two feet outside. The catcher obviously framed the pitch. The pitcher didn't throw one curveball for a strike the whole at bat. What a joke. When things go bad, they really go bad, even in the balls and strikes dept. The Ump must of had a dinner date, or didn't like the Texas heat.
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                        Starting June with a Bang !

                        The M's take the last game in the Texas series and winning the opener of the KC series, with a complete game shutout by Moyer.

                        Lets hope this continues and maybe my guy Washburn can get some runs tonight.


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                          Washburn goes today !

                          The M's pounded the Royals 12-1 last night and now have a three game win streak. Sure it's KC, but it's nice to see this team hit. As we know, hitting is contagious, and perhaps these guys that are struggling can get it going. Lopez is hitting great. I wondered if the switch to the three hole would effect him, but it's not slowing him down at all. The M's will try to make it three in a row against the Royals this afternoon.

                          The standings as of June 4th:

                          Texas 29-26 .527 -
                          Oakland 26-30 .464 3 1/2
                          Seattle 25-32 .439 5
                          LA 24-31 .436 5


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                            Royals Bomb M's 9-4

                            Washburn, in his worst outing of the year, gave up seven (7) runs on eight (8) hits in just (4 1/3) innings.

                            On the bright side, Beltre hit his second dinger in two games and added a RBI double and Morse had a couple of hits for the good guys. Bloomquist added a triple and is hitting (.294). Meche goes tonight, as the Mariners try to take three (3) out of four (4) from the Royals.

                            Willie Bloomquist makes a diving catch Sunday afternoon against the Royals.
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                              It wasn't their first road win.
                              go M's/BSox :gt

                              There is no "I" in "team."
                              But there is an "I" in "win."

                              If you like football as much as baseball, then is for you.


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