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Mariners now have biggest scoreboard in baseball.

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  • Mariners now have biggest scoreboard in baseball.

    I'm surprised it cost only 10 million but it does look pretty impressive.
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    New Centerfield Video Screen Specifications

    Dimension: 56.7' high x 201.5' wide
    Total Viewing Area: 11,425 sq. ft.
    Resolution: 1080 x 3840
    Total Pixels: 4,147,200
    Manufacturer: Panasonic
    Operating System: ANC Sports VisionSOFT

    Comparison to MLB Video Screens

    • Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners: 56.7' x 201.5' - 11,425 sq. ft.
    • Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City Royals: 105 x 84' - 8,820 sq. ft.
    • Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies: 76' x 97' - 7,372 sq. ft.
    • Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros: 124' x 54' - 6,696 sq. ft.
    • Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers: 94' x 65' - 6,110 sq. ft.
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      Does the team look better on a bigger screen?


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        Yes, yes they do. It may be the lighting but anything that helps us accept this team...


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          Originally posted by Pere View Post
          Does the team look better on a bigger screen?
          It'll be the biggest 1-0 score you've ever seen!
          WAR? Prove it!

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            Its gonna be AWESOME!!


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