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Letter To The Editor "Rays, Portland Welcomes You"

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  • Letter To The Editor "Rays, Portland Welcomes You"

    A Letter to the Editor of the Tampa Bay Times dated March 29, 2019 in reply to a March 28, 2019 Tampa Bay Times Editorial titled: "Time To Step Up on Rays' Stadium" .

    Rays, Portland Welcomes You"" (headline)

    "I am in Tampa for a few days and I read the Times editorial on the need for a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays. I live in Portland, Oregon and we are trying to get a major league team to move to our fair city, and yes the Rays are one of the teams that is frequently discussed. So good people of the Tampa Bay region, please continue to not attend the games and to force the Rays to play in a dungeon that's a long drive from where most of you live (Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL). And remember to visit us in a few years to watch your team play in a modern stadium within a few minutes from downtown. We love tourists."

    Mitchell Turker
    Portland, Oregon

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