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    I see Price is on the roster for Vero Beach, the one Rays farm team that is totally impractical for me to see this spring.

    I have yet to see him throw a single pitch, live or on TV. I just keep reading the hype... another story in BA this week.

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    He looked great in the spring. Too bad about the injury - I would've liked to see a September call-up if things were going well, just to be around the bigs and maybe get into a game or two. But now that's out of the question.


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      From what I've seen, the "injury" sounds very minor. Come September, I should think his performance from May-August will be far more important than a little strain in March. I'm not generally in favor of rushing prospects, though, and I think a big league callup in the first professional season is a bit much under almost any circumstances.


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        On thursday, Price pitched for Vero Beach. Here are his stats.

        5 ip
        3 hits (all singles)
        0 r
        1 w
        4 k
        9 GB outs
        1 FB out


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