Any tips, hints, places to check out, eat, etc....?

I plan on seeing the Rays in RF and looking around the park but anything I might not know from reading the website?

Any good parking spots - yeah I am cheap but will probably pay the $10 - only going with 1 other guy so no carpooling which I see is free.

Does the centerfield brew house brew their own beer?

Any tips on getting autographs - more interested in trying for the visiting team actually.

Batting practice - if they open up the gates 1.5 hours before how much of it will I catch? Its been awhile since i have been that early but will be there this time since its a new park for me.

Any other locals want to chime in with anything or just anyone who has been there it is much appreciated.

I am looking at one of the Ranger games but haven't decided on which yet - they are in town Mon - Weds

Oh and does anyone ever tailgate? I know it will be a weekday so I am thinking no but Monday is a holiday.

Thanks in advance