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    Looks like it's about time for The Rangers to take the Plunge. Maybe they could trade for Kenny Rodgers? Lets get rid of the idiots who let him go and used the money saved to give the Rangers some 1st class pitching down the stretch. Who else like's a camera shoved in your face while in your office after being told to please quit?

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    1. i highly doubt detroit would trade their ace kenny rogers to any organization this year.

    2. the rangers wouldnt sign rogers again

    3. the rangers obviously need either A. new hitting coach or B. to teach the players to play small ball, hit and run, and hitting with RISP

    4. but, i do agree with you. the rangers are about to plunge if they dont find some consistency
    Texas Ranger Baseball 2008.. :applaud:


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      I think the rangers have held in there by a peice if string. Now things are heating up and average play will not get them no where. except maybe last place.
      That feeling just don't seem to be there like the past few years. back then they did not really have the talent to go to far but there was an all out feeling. a bunch of young players that was fun to watch.

      I agree with Texas Rangers about the small ball. It seems when there is RISP the rangers are just swinging for the fences. More times then not it is not producing runs. it is no secret this years rangers are not gonna break any home run records. so something needs to change.

      There is a tence feeling. I know some type of move is coming I just hope it is for the better.
      " One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to,
      reach down and prove something." Nolan Ryan.


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