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List of living original 1972 Texas Rangers

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  • List of living original 1972 Texas Rangers

    Ready to feel old? The Texas Rangers will be celebrating their 50th season in 2022. Thirty-eight men played for the original club in 1972; of them, 31 are still with us.

    Larry Bittner
    Dick Billings
    Dick Bosman
    Pete Broberg
    Jeff Burroughs
    Casey Cox
    Jim Driscoll
    Jan Dukes
    Bill Fahey
    Ted Ford
    Bill Gogolewski
    Tom Grieve
    Rich Hand
    Toby Harrah
    Vic Harris
    Rich Hinton
    Frank Howard
    Gerry Janeski
    Dalton Jones
    Ted Kubiak
    Steve Lawson
    Elliott Maddox
    Jim Mason
    Jim Panther
    Mike Paul
    Horacio Pina
    Tom Ragland
    Lenny Randle
    Jim Shellenback
    Don Stanhouse
    Ken Suarez

    The ones who have died are Don Mincher (d. 2012), Hal King (d. 2019), Dave Nelson (d. 2018), Joe Lovitto (d. 2001), Paul Lindblad (d. 2006), Marty Martinez (d. 2007) and Jim Roland (d. 2010).

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