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texas rangers: ok with the name?

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    Originally posted by freedougsisk View Post
    why not highlight that you're from the dallas area? every other team in the DFW metroplex does so.

    Every other major Dallas team started out actually playing in the city of Dallas. The Cowboys started in the Cotton Bowl, and the Mavericks and Stars started in Reunion Arena. The Rangers have always been in Arlington since moving from D.C. And while the DFW area may be like one large metropolitan area these days, it wasn't always like that. There used to be a lot of no-man's land between downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. That's one reason that I-30 between the two used to be a toll road. And back in 1972 nobody would've thought it made any sense to put a team in Tarrent County (Fort Worth area), yet name them for Dallas, which is in neighboring Dallas County. That plus the link to the historical law enforcement Texas Rangers made the name Texas the more logical choice in 1972.

    Also remember that prior to the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys, the most famous thing that most people knew about Dallas in the 60's and 70's was that was where JFK was assassinated. Not exactly something to crow about, nor something you'd want to remind folks of.

    Some of us who live(ed) in Dallas and love urban ball parks and their surrounding areas wanted the Rangers to move to downtown Dallas back in the early 90's, but Dallas couldn't or didn't match what Arlington offered. But even if the club moved to Dallas today, I personally would not want them to change the name. Texas Rangers just sounds better. And teams/stadiums/companies/organizations that change their names every few years generally look stupid or confused for doing so.


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      First of all, Dallas has NEVER had a major league baseball team. They have been in Arlington since they moved from Minnesota in 1971. That is similar to the Astros being moved to Galveston and still being called the Houston Astros. Not even the "Dallas" Cowboys play in Dallas anymore. At least when they played in Irving they were still in Dallas County. Now they play in Tarrant County because the Dallas politicians didnt want to pony up the dough. Dallas/Fort Worth area might comprise a significant fan base, but overall the fans there follow the successful teams....

      I lived in Dallas proper for 10 years, and never have i seen a more apathetic fanbase than the Rangers had (before this last year of course)
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