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  • Complete Turn Around

    After tonights win over Seattle ( Rangers 5 Seattle 2 Mariners with 4 errors), we are now some-what AMAZINGLY only a game under .500. We have won our last 6 series and are hitting with RISP. It's exciting to see us play so well after the clubs worst April record in history, I believe.

    Boggs, Duran, Murphy- The young guys are getting it done.
    Hamilton, Vazquez and Bradley are on fire.
    German, Guardado, Rupe and Wright are all pitching well in the pen.
    And not to mention the starters; Millwood, Padilla, Gabbard- All have pitched good enough to keep us in the game.

    I blame this success on Nolan Ryan, the club president. Once he put his foot down and said a change will happen, it did.

    What do you guys think? I'm getting excited for the first time in years. This is the first time since 2004 when we just missed the playoffs that I've been excited to watch them play.
    Texas Ranger Baseball 2008.. :applaud:

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    False hope. I would love to see them continue it but I am not getting my hopes up just to have them crushed again after the all-star break like normal.

    I have been asked by 4 different people not to return to DFW until the baseball season is over. As soon as I left they started winning.
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      their only success has come after the allstar game.. last years record after the allstar game was well over .500, it's the slow start that killed them.. April-Mid june.. they were something close to 20 games under .500 at the end of may. it was over before may ended.. i still cannot beleive the turn around, but I know someone wanted Washington to keep his job.. it puts pressure on players when it comes to that point. I'm not going to say that we are going to the playoffs, or even contending for them, all i'm going to note right now, is that despite the worst start in frachise history, it is nice to have hope.. if you were going to tell me that they were going to be within 1 game of .500 ball in mid-May a month ago i would have laughed.. i'm not laughing anymore.. looks like we have to save the paper bag game for another day..
      "Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer." - Ted Williams :gt


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        Well, in recent history, the Rangers have been great post-All-Star game. Before the past few seasons, they have been horrid after the All-Star game. I guess it's a toss up and we will see if the maturity and endurance of the older, more experienced players take charge and lead this team to above-par ball.
        Texas Ranger Baseball 2008.. :applaud:


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