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    I pick Hough, he leads in wins, strikeouts, and CG. Nolan Ryan gets a strong second, just for his achievements alone.. 2 No-Hitters, 300 wins, 5000K's, the first player inducted in the Hall of Fame as a Ranger etc etc..
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      Nolan Ryan.

      Nolan Ryan was the best pitcher ever for three teams: the Angels, the Astros, and the Rangers.


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        No love for the 11 seasons as the Washington Senators?

        Well, of that bunch not many great pitchers.......well, Camilo Pascual and Claude Osteen - but they had their heyday with other clubs.
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          ryan is special in his own way, but no one compares to fergie or hough as far as bottom line best ranger pitchers.
          ryan will win ever "most popular", or "biggest legacy" contest, but fergie and hough were machines for the rangers. ryan is, and should be, the face of the franchise. but a die hard ranger fan (and thats die very hard and very often) will know that the other 2 did more for the team on the field.


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            Originally posted by OhioBoy View Post
            Who is the greatest pitcher in Rangers history?
            Isn't that sort of like the Tallest Midget Award?
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              I went with Hough, barely over Rogers. Nolan Ryan is my favorite, but I think that's pretty meaningless here.

              I've been conducting a series of polls at Lone Star Ball to determine the group opinion of the 25 greatest Rangers ever, and so far the pitchers have placed like this:

              3. Nolan Ryan
              8. Charlie Hough
              9. Kenny Rogers
              13. Fergie Jenkins
              16. Kevin Brown
              19. John Wetteland

              Nolan Ryan finishing third has generated its large set of controversy. I personally think that's way overrating him, and Brown got way underrated.
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