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  • The Rangers are all alone

    With the Rays' victory over the Chicago White Sox in the NLDS, the Texas Rangers (formerly Washington Senators from 1961-1971) are now the only franchise in baseball to have never won a playoff series. Of course, this counts the Montreal Expos' (now Washington Nationals) 1981 win in the divisional playoff series after the strike shortened split season. Even if you don't count that as a regular playoff series victory, it could still be said that the Rangers are the only team in baseball to have never gotten at least as far as an LCS.

    I do think that the metroplex would go nuts if the Rangers ever did have some postseason success. I only hope I get to see it in my lifetime...
    Rockies fan living in Texas

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    as long as tom hicks owns this team, it will never go to the playoffs again let alone will a series... alot of idiots throughout the organization.. look at Galaraga.. potential AL ROY winner.. look at how John Danks has pitched for the Whitesox.. won them 2 very important games before their series loss... I keep wondering.. how many chances are they going to give McCarthy? how many seasons can you be injured and have a guaranteed spot on the rotation? Sometimes i think that Daniels and Hicks don't want to accept the fact that they are morons! I knew the "DVD" trio was the future of this team. SO did they! Yet we don't have anyone out of that trio anymore, just Rubber ARM Diamond..
    And i just want to get this off my chest.. how come Hurley doesn't have a guaranteed spot on the rotation?
    Then again, if you count on McCarthy pitching in the rotation for a whole year, you have better stop waiting! What a waste of Danks!
    Lets hope that Neftali Feliz stays healthy, that kid sure looks like the next Pedro Martinez. Then again, I'm not going to go too much into that cause he might be wearing a Angels hat soon...

    Just to add a little note, i was at the 1996 division series against the Yankees.. that was a tough one to swallow. If you told me that the Rangers would have not won 1 more playoff game in the next 12 seasons i would have looked at you funny.. we had a heck of a team.. Rick Helling was a workhorse..
    Lets hope that Nolan Ryan puts that mentality back in this team.
    I really think the pitching is more in the head than it is physical about the ballpark. We pitch worse at other ball parks, and every other team comes in Rangers Ballpark and shuts them down on a more consistent basis..
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    "Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer." - Ted Williams :gt


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      Originally posted by deftones999us View Post
      as long as tom hicks owns this team, it will never go to the playoffs again.
      I will gladly take that back.

      Not as an endorsement of Hicks, more an endorsement of good odds, a STACKED farm system and a bright, young GM.
      Hey, this is my public apology for suddenly disappearing and missing out on any projects I may have neglected.


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