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    What do you guys think they should do with him. It had seemed to me that they had given up on him. Then he has an amazing season last year in AAA and does very well when he gets the call up late in the year.

    If he does well in the spring I wouldn't mind seeing an OF of Murphy, Hamilton and Cruz. I think he gives you better production than Byrd or Boggs.

    Should be an interesting spring.
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    I think giving better production than Byrd might be a stretch, but I can certainly see him being more useful than Murphy and Boggs. I do still like Boggs's plus defense and walks, though.

    Go in to spring training, and whoever stands out gets a job. I think Cruz and Murphy are a tailor made L/R platoon in LF and Boggs has plenty of arguments to be a 5th OF. He can play all three positions well, switch hits, runs and shows some promise at the plate.

    He also might be good trade bait.
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      Well, his 44 hrs in 504 AB total (AAA + MLB 2008 AB) and his rate 1 HR per each 17 AB during his minor league carrer look as enough credential for a try in the majors a full season.
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