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Looking for Rangers games on vhs or dvd

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    I dont suppose anyone has the 9-1-99 Tigers-Rangers game, I know its a longshot, but thought I would ask.

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      List of Games for Trade

      Many people have contacted me asking about what games that I have for trade. My email is [email protected]. All games are in DVD+R format and the list is:

      Texas Rangers Full Games
      1979 Rangers at Yankees (Jenkins vs. Hunter...not in great shape)
      1986 Highlight Film (produced by the Rangers)
      1989 04/30 Ryan vs. Clemens
      1989 Ryan's 5000K vs. Oakland (also has "Feel the Heat" Ryan video on the end of the DVD.
      1990 Ryan's 300th win.
      1990 Ryan's 6th no-hitter (ESPN Classic)
      1991 Ryan's 7th no-hitter
      1991 Rangers 7/14 Barfield vs. Jimmy Key
      1992 Opening Day at Seattle
      1993 Home Opener John Dopson vs. Nolan Ryan
      1993 Final Game at Arlington Stadium
      1994 Opening Day at THE BALLPARK
      1994 First Night Game at THE BALLPARK
      1994 Kenny Rogers Perfect Game (ESPN Classic)
      1995 All-Star Game at The Ballpark
      1996 Burkett vs. Angels magic # goes to 1
      1996 Ken Hill vs. Angels magic # goes to 0
      1996 ALDS Game 1 vs. Yankees
      1996 ALDS Game 2 vs. Yankees
      1996 ALDS Game 3 vs. Yankees
      1996 ALDS Game 4 vs. Yankees
      1996 "T for Team" Rangers video produced by Rangers
      1997 Opening Day Ken Hill vs. Ben McDonald
      19997 First Inter-league game (SF vs. Texas)
      1998 ALDS Game 1 vs. Yankees
      1998 ALDS Game 2 vs. Yankees
      1998 ALDS Game 3 vs. Yankees
      1999 ALDS Game 1 vs. Yankees
      1999 ALDS Game 2 vs. Yankees
      1999 ALDS Game 3 vs. Yankees
      2000 Opening Day Mike Sirotka vs. Kenny Rogers
      2002 Opening Day Scott Schoewenweis vs. Ismail Valdes
      2004 7/31 Rangers vs. Angels (Escobar vs. Drese)
      2005 Opening Night at Anaheim (Drese vs. Colon)
      2005 Opening Day vs. Anaheim (Washburn vs. Rogers)
      2006 Opening Day (Schilling vs. Millwood)

      Dallas Cowboys Full Games
      1971 Giants at Cowboys
      1977 Lions at Dallas
      1977 Super Bowl XII vs. Denver
      1979 Dallas at Giants
      1985 Washington at Dallas
      1985 Dallas at Washington
      1986 Giants at Dallas
      1987 Giants at Dallas
      1992 NFC Championship at S.F.
      1992 Super Bowl XXVII
      1995 NFC Championship Green Bay at Dallas
      1995 Super Bowl XXX
      Dallas Cowboys NFL Films 1965-81 (original films...not from TV) Have been transferred to three DVDs.
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