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Looking for Rangers games on vhs or dvd

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  • Looking for Rangers games on vhs or dvd

    Im a Brian Downing fan who is looking for any games recorded while he was playing? He ended his career in texas back in the early 90's. If anyone has any games would you help me out?

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    Downing video

    I have Opening Night in Seattle '92. Downing batted in the six hole.

    Al Newman, 2b
    Rafael Palmeiro, 1b
    Ruben Sierra, rf
    Juan Gonzalez, cf
    Dean Palmer, 3b
    Brian Downing, dh
    Ivan Rodriguez, c
    Dickie Thon, ss
    Monty Farris, lf

    Do you have anything to trade in return? Texas games?


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      I have a list of games. I have 2 Rangers games


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        I tried to email you a list but it wouldnt let me. Please contact me and let me know whats up?
        Thanks a lot


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          Just sent you an email

          Let me know if you don't get it. I'm willing to trade.

          You do know that it's going to come down to Anaheim and Texas in late September you know. At least I'm hoping that you guys don't run away with it. Anaheim has a great team...but I'm blindly hoping for dramatics from the young arms of Chris Young, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Juan Dominguez.

          If R.A. Dickey is inserted into the Rangers rotation....then have fun in the post season.


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            R.A. Dickey huh????? That guy owned us last season for some reason. I think the Rangers have the most exciting infield in baseball. They will be a contender once again as long as the pitching holds up. I would love to see Texas (if the Angels don't make it of course) In the playoffs. Anybody but Seattle in the west!!!
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              Don't like those M's either

              Yeah, I'm with you about the Mariners. They were the spoilers for years vs. us. We couldn't beat 'em in the mid to late 90's. I was really hoping that they would lose 100 last year! They are still my 2nd most hated team next to (of course) the Yanks.

              R.A. had some good moments last year, and he is a bulldog...but he's by far not the answer to any rotation questions. He would be a servicable longman. I'm still not giving up on Juaquin Benoit. He has the ability to be a very capable starting pitcher once he learns to throw strikes consistently. There's a reason they keep hanging on to him (see Esteban Loaiza).

              That Lackey kid that you have went to Junior College right here in my home town (Grayson County College...same school as Danny Darwin). I guess you're excited to have a young talent like Dallas McPherson coming up? That would be exciting...reminds me of when we were trying hard to get Blalock ready...or even Dean Palmer for that matter. I can't wait for Opening Day!!!!


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                What A Gem

                You're getting a great game! I started transferring this game tonight and realized that it was Nolan Ryan vs. Randy Johnson. WOW!!!! I included a Rangers pregame show that highlighted young talents such as Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Pudge Rodriguez...pretty interesting. I'm in the third inning of transferring and so far I noticed that the 1st inning is missing the Rangers 2nd and 3rd outs. Must have been some bad is 13 years old. The quality is surprisingly great though. Brian Downing is batting in the five hole. There are spme skips on the DVD which you might think are from your DVD, but however were from mine. They are very minimal, so it shouldn't irritate you to death. I deleted all commercials. The play-by-play is from KTVT Channel 11 out of Dallas (Steve Busby and Jim Sundberg). Seattle's lineup is pretty impressive...Griffey, Tino Martinez, Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez, Omar Vizquel, Pete O'Brien, Kevin Mitchell, Harold Reynolds, Dave Valle.

                Al Newman
                Rafael Palmeiro
                Juan Gonzalez
                Ruben Sierra
                Brian Downing
                Dean Palmer
                Dickie Thon
                Monty Farris
                Ivan Rodriguez


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                  Im really looking forward to watching that game. I looked up the box scores and was pretty impressed with both line ups. Downing went 0-3, oh well. Jim Sundberg is the announcer huh? he was talking with us when we were taking the tour of the stadium. I was wearing my Cooperstown Angels Reggie Jackson jersey and Sundberg said told me " I hated playing against those jerseys" I thought that was pretty cool, he seemed like a really cool guy. Monte we need to exchange adresses, I have your game finished. It was on ESPN wednesday night baseball.


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                    I lost your email address so I posted my address on the email through this thing. I have yours completed, just need an address.

                    Looking forward to the game!



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                      Got 'em

                      Just got the videos today. Looking forward to watching them! Thanks


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                        I'm still waiting for my games.. It has been almost a week since you sent them out. Glad you liked yours...


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                          I saw that opening day game against the Mariners in 92...I believe that is the game where the Rangers game back from 7 runs down or so. I might be mistaken but I think that's the game where Doug Strange won the game with a home run in the 9th or in extra innings.

                          Was a great game if that is the one I am thinking about.


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                            Rangers game wanted

                            I am looking for the 4-14-92 Rangers game against the Angels on VHS or DVD. I have a Rangers- Orioles from 98 on VHS that I would trade for it , or I could just buy it from someone out there .



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                              I found another Brian Downing game this week. It was 7/14/91 vs. Toronto. Want this one?



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