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Neftali Feliz, Closer or Starter?

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  • Neftali Feliz, Closer or Starter?

    What do you think Ranger fans?

    Is Neftali Feliz better as a Starter or as the Closer?

    What is more valuable to the team 15 wins? or 45 Saves?

    Who else would close if Feliz was a Starter? Ogando or Lowe? Both unproven Closers. Ogando has great stuff but, does he have the mentality to be a MLB Closer? Don't know that much about Lowe yet. Too small a sample in a Texas uniform.

    I think Feliz should be a Closer, personally. With Ogando the set-up guy. Feliz could still be a Starter down the line, when and if things change.

    Discuss Rangers fans

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    It will always be The Ballpark In Arlington to me

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    closer all the way for now


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      the rangers look pretty good so far. I would leave feliz in the closer spot and use the time to work on his secondary pitch and controll.

      and then if he has that fixed put him in a starter spot in 1 or 2 years.

      with his talent he should start at some point, but I believe his second pitch and his control are not ready yet for this.
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