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Rangers all time 25 man roster

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  • Rangers all time 25 man roster

    C: Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Sundberg
    1B: Rafael Palmeiro, Mark Teixeira
    2B: Ian Kinsler, Julio Franco
    3B: Adrian Beltre, Buddy Bell
    SS: Toby Harrah, Alex Rodriguez
    LF: Frank Howard, Rusty Greer
    CF: Josh Hamilton
    RF: Juan Gonzalez, Ruben Sierra
    SP: Charlie Hough, Fergie Jenkins, Kevin Brown, Gaylord Perry, Yu Darvish
    RP: Jeff Russell, Francisco Cordero, Darold Knowles, Naftali Feliz, John Wetteland

    How many games would this team win against 2016 competition if all of these Rangers players were together in their Rangers prime?

    The way I see it is the starting rotation would be among the best in baseball with a very good bullpen. The lineup would clearly be the best in baseball. Fantastic Bench as well. All that said 110 wins should be possible.
    My dream ballpark dimensions
    LF: 388 Feet...Height 37 Feet...LCF: 455 Feet...CF: 542 Feet...Height 35 Feet
    RCF: 471 Feet...RF: 400 Feet...Height 60 Feet
    Location....San Diego

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    Nobody would dare try to run on those catchers.
    Glad you remembered the Washington Monument, probably the only memorable part of 11 forgettable years in DC.
    27 World Championships
    22 retired numbers
    Isn't it great to be a Yankee fan?
    Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best sport-Babe Ruth


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      There has to be another CFer. Gary Pettis?
      "I am not too serious about anything. I believe you have to enjoy yourself to get the most out of your ability."-
      George Brett


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        No Nolan Ryan?


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