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B.J. Ryan or Papelbon

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  • B.J. Ryan or Papelbon

    I know you guys are mostly Jays fans, but putting fan bias aside, who would you pick as your closer if you were a GM, Ryan or Papelbon?

    You could make the case for either, but both have been absolutely dominant.

    Ryan has the advantage of being a lefty, but you can't argue with Papelbon's 0.42 ERA.

    Me, I would go with Papelbon, but I guess you can't make a wrong choice here.
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    I agree you could not go wrong with either guys but I would also take Papelbon. He has been great. I may give Papelbon the edge because of his youth. which in some cases that can come back to bite you. a young guy could tire of develope arm problems. [ I don't see this with Papelbon.]

    On the other hand with Ryan you have a proven southpaw. when he takes the mound you know you will see great things.

    I have heard a rumor someday Pabelbon may see some time as a starter. that would be interesting but he is making a solid closer.

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      I heard Papelbon interviewed on the radio today. His arrogance is going to come back and bite him. I would take Ryan in a heart beat!!


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        You have to take Papelbon. He's making the minimum and Ryan is making gazillions.
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          Papelbon reminds me of John Rocker (not as extreme, obviously). I don't think that he can keep up what he is doing night after night. Eventually, someone will hit a huge walkoff off of him, and he might never be the same again. Ryan is dominant, and I like how he works quickly. I pick Ryan. Not because he is a Blue Jay, but because I get a bad feeling about Papelbon. However, if we were talking moneywise, that's a whole different ballgame...


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            I'll take Ryan over Papelbon. Papelbon is good and young, but he will come back down to earth eventually, just look at Huston Street. Ryan is a high quality, dominating lefty, who is tested and true. No question both Street and Papelbon will be fantastic players, and stars for years, but I'll still take Ryan.
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              I'd have Papelbon, but yes, I'm also a little worried about his arrogance, hopefully, it wont cum bak to get him! :gt


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                I'd go with...

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                  Ryan is the best long-term deal . Viewing his history , Ryan has always had that nack for shutting the door almost every opportunity he has to do so while Papelbon , a relinquished SP is having a great year but will surely not remain the Closer for the Red Sox wich could endanger his career , juggling between being a SP and a RP is very dangerous for a young pitcher like Papelbon . With the recent injuries to David Wells and Matt Clement ( Who could possibly be dealt by the deadline ) and the Old age of Curt Schilling , Papelbon and the Rotation in 07 are practically ment to be .
                  Ryan has the edge being more experienced and being a sure fit in the Bullpen while Papelbon could be juggling with the Rotation and the Bullpen in the nearby future wich could mix up his roles until he has enough and leaves Boston for a team where , there , he could have a guaranteed role , Ryan has the Edge for now but if Papelbon remains consistent and in a guaranteed role , he could be more dangerous than B.J. in the future of the game .


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                    I'd go with Miguel Bautista at closer.

                    No seriously Papelbon. His ERA is better, he is younger, and as mentioned does not have the large contract. Not bashing B.J., he is still the most dominant closers that ranks with Papelbon.


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                      this is a hard one. right now, i take bj. next year or two year from now, papelbon. ryan has been tested more then papelbon and this is really papelbon's first year closing at any level. next year when papelbon has a few more saves and chances on his resume, i think it will be him. they are both dynamic.


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                        How about Mo?

                        Between the other two I like Papelbon overall but Ryan as a closer
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                          I honestly think it would be very hard to take Papelbon here.

                          Why would you take a closer with a half year's worth of experience.

                          Ryan has not only been dominant for 2+ seasons...he's done it in the AL East against the Yankees and Red Sox.

                          No talking about money, it's all Ryan.
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