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  • Rate The Players So Far

    Just give the player a grade based on your judgement of them so far:

    Roy Halladay (A+) - The ace of our staff. Phenomonal numbers and how many times has he broken a losing streak for us. Best pitcher in baseball right now.

    B.J. Ryan (A) - Where is everyone who said he signed for too much? Arguably the best closer in the game. When he is on, he is untouchable.

    Vernon Wells (A-) - He has came back from a below-average 2005 season and is putting up great numbers across the board and is playing terrific defense.

    Alex Rios (A-) - Finally putting up the numbers that were projected out of him. Very pleasant surprise this year. All-Star selection was well deserved.

    Troy Glaus (B+) - All-Star this season, doing what the Jays signed him to do, put balls after the Restaurant. Low BA but playing better defense then thought.

    Lyle Overbay (B+) - Great contact hitter, playing great all-around baseball so far.

    Reed Johnson/Frank Catalanatto (B) - These guys are great too have. They are platooning again and it is working very well. Both are hard workers and very good hitters.

    Bengie Molina (B) - Have a good year at the plate and behind the plate but I think we could have got the same production out of Zaun at a lower price.

    Gregg Zaun (B) - He produces everytime he is in the line-up and has never complained after losing his starting job. Great stick on the bench too have.

    Shea Hillenbrand (B) - Good year for him so far, putting up good first half numbers. Usually slides off during the second half.

    Justin Speier (B-) - Best option before Ryan in the bullpen.

    Gustavo Chacin (B-) - High ERA but that could be attributed to elbow problems. Still the #2 guy in the rotation ahead of Burnett IMO.

    Ted Lilly (C+) - He is inconsistent but is a good guy to have in the rotation.

    A.J. Burnett (C+) - Bust so far. Injury problems better not be a repeating thing.

    Aaron Hill (C+) - Starting to find his swing again and is playing solid defense.

    Casey Jansenn (C+) - Never heard of him til he got called up. Provided us with a decent #5 guy.

    Scott Schoneweis (C+) - Doing a good job against lefties but far from his 2005 campaign and will have to improve more if he wants to resign next year.

    Scott Downs (C+) - Underrated member of the staff. He is very versitale and a nice guy to have around.

    Eric Hinske (C+) - Doing more then expected. Hitting the ball better then before and playing outfield fine. Still some work to do with him.

    Jason Frasor (C) - When he's on, he'll give you a good inning or two. Inconsistency is his killer.

    Pete Walker (C) - Can't complain about him. He does he long relief job well but that is all he will do.

    Russ Adams (C-) - Defense has been terrible, i'll admit that. But his bat is nice too have around and he is slowly rebuilding confidence.

    John McDonald (D+) - Great defensivly but a poor bat. Nice guy to have around too fill in at three infield positions.

    Brian Tallet (D+) - Does his job when called upon. Don't think you could ask lots from him.

    Ty Taubenheim (D) - Hasn't shown really anything consistent. He'll be sent down when Chacin or Walker gets activated.

    Josh Towers (F, incomplete, incompotent, repeat the 1st grade) - ughhhhhhhhhhh

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    Roy Halladay (A+) -What can you say about Doc?? The Ace and the Heart of the Jays!!

    B.J. Ryan (A+) - 1 2 3 Excitement and confidence infused everytime he takes the field.

    Vernon Wells (B+) - A great start compared to other years, great defense as usual. I wish he would hit into less inning ending outs and be more clutch than he is.

    Alex Rios (A-) - A very tentative A-. He was slumping and losing composure before his injury. His defense is incredible and he has surely earned the full time RF position.

    Troy Glaus (B+) - He has been slumping as well before the break. Good defense and vesatility in the infield is a real asset to the team as they try to figure out Adams and whoever.

    Lyle Overbay (B+) - Excellent first half. Hoping to see more of those famous doubles in the second half as he gets more familiar with AL pitchers.

    Reed Johnson/Frank Catalanatto (A++++) - You can't say enough about these two guys. They have carried the club when the stars have slumped. They are the reason the jays are still in contention as far as I am concerned.

    Bengie Molina (B) - Not the impact I thought he would have.

    Gregg Zaun (A-) - Does his job every day more than competently without complaint.

    Shea Hillenbrand (B+) - I was at the game he hit the walk off home run in. I have to give him a good grade just for that. Coping with DH more gracefully than I thought he would.

    Justin Speier (B+) - Hot headed and competitive. Next to Ryan he brings some passion out of the bullpen.

    Gustavo Chacin (C+) - Graded compared to last year. Not much to grade this year.

    Ted Lilly (B+) - I think he may be the only pitcher not to miss a start. Has had some tough luck. (8 2/3 innings of 2 hit ball and loses)

    A.J. Burnett (C+) - Nothing really to grade yet but I think C+ is generous for now.

    Aaron Hill (A) - He should have earned himself a jump to the 5 of 6 spot in the batting order by now. .150 to .301 in about 6 weeks is phenomenal for a kid his age. He has proven himself versatile and dependable in the infield and is being found guilty by association with Adams.

    Casey Jansenn (B+) - I simply asked myself where we would be without him.

    Scott Schoneweis (C) - I wish he was more consistent.

    Scott Downs (C+) - Again, I wish he could be more consistent.

    Eric Hinske (B+) - I used to tell my wife just to pencil in the strikeout when Hinske came up. He is being clutch, both offensivley and defensivley this year in very difficult circumstances for himself.

    Jason Frasor (C) - Like most of the bullpen, I wish he could be more consistent.

    Pete Walker (C+) - Experienced long reliever that stays out of trouble most of the time.

    Russ Adams (C-) - A somewhat low risk project for JP. I hope it works out.

    John McDonald (C+) - Does what is asked of him. Great team guy with defensive talent.

    Brian Tallet (C-) - Left a bad impression when he first came up but gets better with every opportunity.

    Ty Taubenheim (C) - Seems OK for a couple of innings but definetly not starter material at this point in his development. Only being used as a starter due to injury and will either go down or go to the bullpen when Chacin is back.

    Josh Towers (F) - I feel bad for this guy, but I think he may be done.


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