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    So what do you think of the final selections for MLB's hometown heroes poll? For those who don't know about it, a panel of experts (whoever they may be) have selected five past and present players from each team and are asking fans to vote on who best represents the legacy of each franchise. Go to for more info.

    For the Jays, the choices are: Dave Stieb, Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar, Pat Hentgen and Tony Fernandez.

    Not a bad selection, but I would have chosen Carlos Delgado over Hentgen, and maybe Lloyd Moseby over Alomar (yes, Alomar was the better player, but I always thought of Lloyd as more of a career Blue Jay).

    I think the selectors gave too much weight to the Jays glory years while ignoring the better career Jays in the mediocre seasons.

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    For the Padres, there is only one that fits the bill to a tee.
    He was born in LA. But he went to college in SD, played his entire career in SD, and when his career was over returned to his Alma Mater as head baseball coach. When he goes to Cooperstown, he will most assuredly be accompanied by a slew of San Diego fans.
    Of course I am talking about Tony Gwynn, one of the most popular players in his hometown in our lifetimes.

    Welcome back ARod. Hope you are a Yankee forever.
    Phil Rizzuto-a Yankee forever.

    Holy Cow


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      I agree, I would have taken Delgado over Hengten as well.


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