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Vernon Wells Trouble.

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  • Vernon Wells Trouble.

    New on Vernon Wells from Staff

    8/19/2006 12:46:29 AM

    It looks like Vernon Wells could be headed out of Toronto before the start of next season.

    According to ESPN, Wells has told Blue Jays management that he has no intentions of signing an extension with the team after his current contract expires after the 2007 season.

    Sources around baseball indicate that the Jays will explore trading Wells in the off-season.

    Blue Jays general manager J.P. Riccardi told TSN that Wells has not indicated to the team his intentions for the future.

    The 27-year old centre-fielder is hitting .319 with 27 home runs and 83 RBI this season. He has also stolen a career high 11 bases this season.

    Wells signed a five-year, $14.7 million contract in 2003. He is due to make $5.6 million in 2007.
    I don't think that it's true, and if it is there is lots of time. Riccardi won't do anything drastic. A year and a half is lots of time for people to change their minds.

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    I'm split your answer. I do think it's true, since I've been hearing rumblings about this for awhile....but...JP's smarter than to just up and sell him to the first bidder, so no, he won't be drastic.

    I figure, if he doesn't want to play her, bye bye.
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      Remember Delgado?? It's the same story. The Jays invest in these guys to develop into what they are and they split. Good Riddance!! I just hope JP is smart enough this time to get something for him. If signed and traded early enough he could bring quite a catch.


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        Wells is the franchise, without him, the Jays would be playing minus .500 ball this season, unless you get top notch prospects for him, Vernon will file for free-agency and sign with Washington


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          This is the reaction that I figured would happen. If the Jays are exploring trading Wells in the off-season, I think that it would be a bad decision, in my mind. Wells will be a key piece next season if the Jays are planning on making a run for the playoffs. If anything, trade him at the deadline next season if we're out of it. You don't go and unload your best position player because of one report.


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            I'd like to see them hold off until the deadline next year before unloading Wells. At the very most, they won't get anyone who can have an impact on this teram next year like he will have next year. It's too bad to see that Vernon won't re-sign, He is the centrepiece of this tean along with Doc. ZTo see him go is a big blow to this team.
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