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    i still think gibbons has control of the clubhouse. the lilly thing i think is just part of the team struggling. ive been in situations where im not happy when the manager comes out to pull me from a game but you have to accept his desicion.

    one interesting note a guy on tv today said: when lilly was with the yankees, would he have pulled that on torre? answer is no and you gotta wonder if there is something up.


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      Originally posted by KCGHOST
      A second incident with a player in just a couple months makes one wonder. Of course, if Lilly hadn't acted unprofessionally to start with this wouldn't have occurred. Let's hope Ricciardi & Co. properly evaluate what is really happening and take the proper action.
      My thoughts exactly.
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        Ernie Whitt would be the best choice for manager for next season. Ive never really cared for Gibbons and the recent trouble has me questioning JP, even he in an interview i saw on TSN was kind of a dweeb about the whole thing saying its his team and he gonna do it his way blah blah blah.
        "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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