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  • Toronto Blue Jays Hall Of Fame

    Here's a few guidelines before voting and if Mods could please sticky this, that would be great.


    Welcome to the Toronto Blue Jay Hall of Fame

    Everyone is allowed to vote but please only vote if you have some knowledge about the Jays franchise and history. In the BBFHoF, there is two sections, one for contributors and one for players. We might as well follow the same guidelines as that.

    Eligbility - Players must be at least retired one full season and contributors must be at least 60 years of age or retired. Special curcumstances will be allowed (can't think of anything of the top of my head). Players must have played with the Toronto Blue Jays 5 seasons.

    Ballot Size - I don't think we should do 25 players like the BBFHoF, i was think somewhere along the size of 10 and for contributors maybe 3 (just suggestions).

    Deadline - We'll do the inaugural vote October 1st (not set in stone, just an timetable) and we'll end on the 25th at midnight EST like the BBFHoF. We can start the inaugural vote earlier but i was just thinking that date so we can set all the rules down.

    Induction - 75% of the ballot will be need to be inducted.


    post any rules here you think i missed or just post the suggestions or pm me. ill organize this and if anyone wants to help, id welcome your help but dont fell that you need too.

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    I'm interested in participating, but I will need to read up on my Jays history a little. My question is how many years would a player have to have spent with the Jays to be eligible. I think 10 players and 3 contributors per ballot are good numbers. I would say a player should be listed on 75 percent of the ballots to obtain entry.
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      Ditto here, ready to vote!


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        alright, thanks guys for the input. as for how long the player has to play with toronto, 5 years? i dont know, rules updated.


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          are people still interested??? ill start our first ballot on the 1st if we have voters.


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            I'm still interested.
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              Me too. Should we send in some suggestions to go on the ballot?


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                I'm still interested!!


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                  ok, sounds good guys. ill make up a ballot thread with rules tomorrow evening.


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