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  • Accardo!!

    I really wonder if Accardo has what it takes to be a big league pitcher. When he came in to relieve Lilly last night, I said to my wife, "Watch, it's going to be 7-1 in 5 minutes." I don't know how accurate I was in the timing but my point was well made. This seems to be a regular occurance with Accardo. Perhaps a second season in Toronto will help him be more comfortable because I know he didn't want to leave San Fransicso, and maybe some winter ball will help as well, but he sure doesn't have what it takes right now.

    ps. Hey Flying27, this is how you objectively and constructively criticize a player and maintain your own diginity as well as the players. You should try it sometime and maybe you might get some stimulating discusssion.

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    i have mixed feelings about accardo. so far in toronto, he hasn't fared too well and he is struggling but he is young and he has a 96 mph fastball, which is always a good starting point for a pitcher to work on. he needs to master a new pitch and i think if he does, he could be ryan's set-up guy sooner than later. but right now, im with you starkeeper, i almost cring when i see him come in from the game but he has shown potenial of being dominatant.


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