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  • Thoughts on the season?

    how do the fans feel about the Jays 2006 finish

    2nd Place

    87-75 (.537 pct)

    50-31 @ home tied for 2nd in league with the Yanks
    they finished 81-0 when leading after the 8th inning

    Glaus 38 HR 104 RBI's .252 BA
    Wells 32 HR 106RBI's .303 BA
    Overbay 22 HR 92 RBI's .312 BA
    Molina 17 HR 57 RBI's .284 BA

    Halladay 16-5 220IP 3.19 ERA 132SO
    Lilly 15-13 181.2IP 4.31 ERA 160 SO
    Ryan 38 SV (42 OS) 72.1IP 1.37 ERA 86SO

    Just to name a few highlights

    Also got a quick glimpse of next year spring training camp
    "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.

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    Division battle

    I thought we had a good season, we had a couple dissapointments but all in all what a year. Finishing second is something to be proud of, no matter what anyone says. I actully posted a four part article on the website Baseball Views from the North that attempts to examine why the Jays weren't able to beat the Yankees this year. So if you want to read that and leave some feedback come on over.
    Baseball Views from the North


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      in retrospect, we didnt have a bad season. 86 wins isnt anything to hang our heads about. i dont think that we blew our chances, new york and the wild card race was just way too strong. i think the hillenbrand incident and the whole wells dilemma had some effects on the clubhouse and we slumped at times. looking forward to spring training already!


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        Josh Towers

        Josh Towers BURIED our chances
        Baseball Views from the North


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          well i have to agree with you on that one, towers certinly did something to stop us from reachign the post season but hey guys you cant be mad at second place, i mean look at the Skychiefs...they sucked this year and well i actually thought this was a very productive season and next year should be fun.


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            I would consider it a successful season IF they hadn't spent so much money on new players. Considering their budget, they should have been in the wild card hunt into the final weekend. (What was the budget of the Tigers, A's and Twins? I'm sure it was less than the Jays'). After all, Tim Johnson led them to 88 wins a few years back with a lot less money.

            Some general managers react poorly to big budgets (HELLO Glen Sather). JP is slipping dangerously into the "if we just spend more money we'll get a whole lot better" mode. It won't work with a general manager who is used to smaller budgets, and Riccardi comes from Oakland.


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