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Curtis Thigpen in the Arizona Fall League

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  • Curtis Thigpen in the Arizona Fall League

    What are you guys expecting from Thigpen? I felt that he had an average year this season, with a line of .259/.370/.421. I did like his BB/K ratio but he looks like he's primarily a doubles hitter. Would a strong AFL campaign change his status one way or the other?
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    well i watched him with Syracuse for a bit, i didnt see him much because of him only being there for a short time but what i did see was good, hes a good hitter and came out very strong while in Syracuse, and il check up on him to see how his stats are im the Arizona fall league he will be fun to watch, i dont erally know what AAA/MLB catchers we have left narrow this down for me, Molina, Zaun, Phillips, Mahoney, Thigpen.


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      Well i heard that the Jays team won their first Arizona Fall League game 3-0 i dont exactly know how Thigpen did though.


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