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The Blue Jays Need a New Rotation Philosophy

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  • The Blue Jays Need a New Rotation Philosophy

    I just did an article and I found out the following;

    Blue Jays Top Three

    Your choice;

    Halladay, AJ, Lilly
    Record: 41-26
    Rest of the Staff: 46-49


    Halladay, AJ, Chacin
    Record: 35 - 17
    Rest of the Staff: 52-58

    Now every other team that had a superior record in the AL had a winning record from the rest of their staffs, minus the top 3.

    This isn't new either, in the four years that the Jays had a Cy Young winner, the rest of the staff pitched under .500.

    I won't get into too much here, as it was a long article but JP needs to re-examine the way that the starting staff is being constructed. Front-loading the staff has simply not taken them to the playoffs
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    Interesting stuff. So what then, in your opinion, would be the optimum rotation for he Jays to use for next season then?
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      I haven't quite figured it out yet... With Doc and AJ hitting the DL every season, I'd like to add some depth. Now I don't think that any of the farm hands or current group of McGowan and friends are going to get the Jays anywhere. It may be time to trade a bat or two and get some young, legitamite pitching prospects to even out the staff today and in the future.
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        I see your point, but I disagree. I think that the Jays need to have Halladay and Burnett as a one-two punch. Then they need to sign a 3rd starter (someone better than Ted Lilly). Their 4th and 5th starters could be anyone of the following: Chacin, Towers, McGowan, Marcum (my personal favorite), or Romero. I think that Chacin and Marcum are a good choice, with Towers either in the minors or the bullpen ready to join the rotation if either of the last two starters falter.

        Unless you trade Vernon (assuming that he absolutley cannot be re-signed), trading a big bat would be a bad decision. If we trade Vernon for a pitcher (and maybe a middle infielder), we could put Reed Johnson in CF (or sign Gary Matthews Jr.), Rios in RF and Catalonotto or Lind in LF.

        But personally, I'd leave it as is for a few months, and see how the pitchers that we already have can fare as starters.


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          I like Halladay, A.J, Garcia(that is if we get him), Chacin, Lilly


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