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  • Free agent pitchers?

    Come on Jays, Theres one hell of alot of good pitchers who are free agents, Garcia, Glavine just filed for free agency, abnd a heck of alot more, we have axtra money this year and all of our free agents left, I still love you Frank!!! but anyways this can be perfect for the Jays. Their allready talking about just calling up Marcum, Janssen and Towers to be the final Jays starter. Come on guys get a grip! Theres alot of pitchers out there that would be very nice to start heres my perfect rotation and lineup for the Jays

    rotation: Halladay, Burnett, Garcia, Glavine, and Chacin, thats perfect

    lineup: 1.Johnson(LF) 2.Rios(RF) 3.Wells(CF) 4.Glaus(3B) 5.Overbay(1B) 6.Lugo(SS) 7.Zaun(C) 8.Hill(2B) 9. Lind(DH), thats perfect, maybe Lind a little higher.

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