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Jays sign Tomo Ohka

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  • Jays sign Tomo Ohka

    I think he's obviously at least our #4 starter. Possible will compete with sweet smellin Gustavo for the 3rd spot. Of course having Burnett on the squad means there'll be plenty of injury spots for Tomo to fill in for as well.

    I think a good move for both parties. If he fits in well look for JP to sign an extension mid season. If he tanks, he's probably worth something at the trade deadline.
    Don't make fun of the Blue Jay's bullpen. They've got Downs.

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    This leaves the rotations for the division something like this. I doubt there's going to be anything more than minor tinkering for any of the clubs going in to the season.

    Halliday - Mussina - Schilling
    Burnett - Wang - Beckett
    Chacin - Pettite - Matsuzaka
    Ohka - Igawa - Papelbon
    Thomson - Karstens - Wakefield
    Ryan - Rivera - Timlin

    The Jay's really are in pretty decent shape. All six rotation spot matchups are actually very close between all 3 teams. I think Toronto does have the best #1 and the best closer (although that's debateable). There are a lot of question-marks and wildcards in the #2-#5 for everybody.

    Obviously Matsuzaka and Igawa are complete wildcards (Matsu with more impact). Burnett's an injury magnet. Pettite's 52 years old. Papelbon has to deal with both the sophomore jinx AND moving from closer to starter. Ohka & Thomson are veterens who have never really distinguised themselves. Wakefield has a 23mph fastball. Karstens... well I've never heard of Karstens. I think perhaps he's just a placeholder while the Yanks find a way to sign Clemens.

    I think at this time Boston as a whole are slightly ahead of the Jays and Yankees, whom appear pretty much even.
    Don't make fun of the Blue Jay's bullpen. They've got Downs.


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      Well, I can't say how I feel about this deal until I hear the money. If it's $4-5 million, then I'll be content. I'm glad that it's only a one-year deal though. Good inning eater (if healthy) to cover for Lilly.

      I think that Toronto's rotation hinges on (as do most others) health. If Halladay can avoid anymore wierd injuries, and Burnett can finally overcome injuries then the Jays will be off to a good start. If Ohka and Thomson both come away without injuries, then we'll be good to go.

      Boston has put it's rotation way ahead of ours. With Wakefield in the 5-spot, you can see that they have great depth. That being said, Schilling could break down, Beckett could not have good control, Papelbon could suffer from the jinx or just not be able to switch, and Matsuzaka might not live up to the hype.

      The Yankees, while old, are proven. Mussina and Pettite are solid guys to have at the top. They also have loads of young pitching to fill in any gaps (Karstens is probably their best right now).

      The Jays are going to have to ward off any long-term injuries, and get lots of run support this season to make the playoffs. But with the lineup they have, I think that it's possible.


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        Well with the deal being reported by Sportsnet at 1.5M up to a 3M, it's a good deal.

        Another good job by JP.
        Don't make fun of the Blue Jay's bullpen. They've got Downs.


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          I have to say that this is a great deal. $1.5 - $3 mil is nothing! And it gives another very viable option for the #4 spot. Way to go JP!!!


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            This is exactly what JP needs to be doing, hopefully this pays off well for the team, and even if it doesn't he's not hooked in for a long, expensive contract as a burden.

            Hopefully Ohka has a good year as the replacement for Lilly.
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              I like this signing. Okha is a good pitcher and should be fairly consistent. He could have a very good year with proper run support. i'd say this counts as adding a good player at a low price, something some posters believe JP has not done a good job of.
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                all we need in him is to eat some innings and don't bomb towers-like. i think him and thomson can contribute a few wins and some solid veteran pitching. even though they arent as talented, i feel safer with okha and thomson than with marcum and janssen.


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