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Syracuse Seems To Have Championship Team

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  • Syracuse Seems To Have Championship Team

    With such minor league tallent the Jays have next season it's no doupt that the Chiefs have their eyes set on the playoffs much like the Blue Jays do. The look Chiefs have updated their jerseys and n ow lets name players that should start on the Chiefs that can hit 20+ home runs...Chad Mottola, Kevin Barker, John-Ford Griffin, Chip Canon, and Adam Lind. That is 5 people alone on the Chiefs that can hit 20-25 home runs. We have great prospect pitching like Dustin McGowan, Fransisco Rosario, Ricky Romaro, Davis Romaro, Brian Wolfe, Victor Zambrano, and Geremi Gonzalez, and all these players are just high quality prospects, seems like with these players all is good in the Jays organization.

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    So is the talent on Yracuse this year largely a contingent of players that we will see on the Jays in the coming years? Or is it simply a group of talented minor leaguers who will never ammount to much past the AAA level?
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      Well the guys like Lind, Cannon, Griffin are still young, but Mottola, Barker...they've really gotten too old to make it in the bigs.


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