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Gibbons Contract Extended

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  • Gibbons Contract Extended

    He gets a little raise and its extended through 2008. I don't think his job security will change despite the extension.

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    I think this is a good move. (What else is new?) The Blue Jays have been playing the manager switcheroo game since Cito gaston left. Gibbons has been the first guy to be able to actually hold on to te job. His extension shows a commitment to winning.
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      I honestly thought / kind of hoped that Gibbons would be fired after the Lilly blowup, but since then I've changed my mind and have become very pro-Gibby. Good for him, hopefully he can get them to the post season.
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        ive been 'pro-gibby' (made me laugh for some unknown reason) for a long time. the guy is a competitor and iit certain seems like he has the respect of the players and management (how many times have we heard jp stick up for the guy?) It's also nice to see that this might be a committment to a manager (i know its a one year extention) but if he takes them up another level, hopefully he'll be here for a while. Can't count the number of managers in the last 10 years we've had. Johnson, Tosca, Martinez, Fergosi, i can't even count anymore.

        i thought the lilly think might have got him canned but like him, lilly and everyone else said it was heat of the moment type-of-thing. i know a manager can't blow up like that but everyone who blamed gibby forgot that it was LILLY who started by throwing a tantrum like a baby on the mound even though he was pitching like josh towers.

        anyway, big gibby fan and hopefully he can propel these guys to the postseason.


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          Well that just means we have to wait till 2009 for Ernie Whitt to start calling the shots!
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            Well, I don't want to read to much into this. BUT... I think they should have gave him longer. He deserves some time to mould the club into what he wants it to be.

            But maybe he didn't want to have it extended longer than one year. Maybe it's just an interim thing for now. I don't really know. In the grand scheme of things, all I care is that he manages well.


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