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Jays Signing Molina?

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  • Jays Signing Molina?

    According to si, the jays are gonna give molina 5 mil this year and a 7.5 mil option next year. thoughts?
    If a women had 2 choose between saving a baby and catching a fly ball, she would choose the baby without even considering if there are men on base.
    Some people think baseball is a matter of life and death, but i can assure you, its much more important than that.

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    It has not been signed yet but a deal is nearing finished i am hoping that nothing goes wrong and everything goes right and we do get him and we reli do make a run at the yankees. With this addition it gives us another study bat to hit yankee red sox pitching.


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      I just read this on the Jays site. This signing is one that further proves that the 2006 Blue Jays arent going to be content with the staus quo. It's about time they said "No we're not satisfied with an 80 win season" or "Ya we've got pretty good players, but there's better players out there." I for one am getting pumped up for the season already!
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        Im pumped about baseball in Toronto this year.

        Nice to see Rogers making changes to the organization and showing the fans they are serious about the Blue Jays.
        "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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          I wonder if Zaun will be put on the trading block or be a backup for next season. After how little Molina ending up going for, I doubt there is much of a market for a big trade. Maybe the Angels who didn't want Molina back?
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            Who cares, Jays are gonna be amazing this year!!!
            If a women had 2 choose between saving a baby and catching a fly ball, she would choose the baby without even considering if there are men on base.
            Some people think baseball is a matter of life and death, but i can assure you, its much more important than that.


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              I'm Back Sorry everyone, been busy last few weeks but I'm here again!

              Well, i certianly didn't see this coming signing Molina and it looks to me like a case of JP seeing an upgrade on the market that no one else wanted. I'm certianly surprised that Molina was still on the market. Anyways, great aquesition JP as catcher was an upgrade we needed and Molina is an AMAZING defensive catcher. I watched him play late-nights on sportsnet in the summer and the guy is a great hitter.

              As for Gregg Zaun, I doubt he will be moved and I don't want him too be moved. I love the guy and he is still great energy for this team and he will be cruicial for us. You can never have too much depth at catcher and i don't know what Zaun's pinch hit splits were last year but when I saw him, he was great off the bench. He will catch around 30-40 games this year and DH for a few too and his presence will never be lost.

              Seems like the off-season is now complete. Thanks for everything JP and I hope it works out :gt


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                there are things going around saying that we might go after rocco baldelli or joey gatherit from the devil rays becuz of their heavily stacked outfield they are willing to give that up.


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                  I haven't been this excited about the Jays since we made the trade for Cone back in 1992 !!! I know it's way to early to talk about the post-season but we're certainly not standing pat this season. Here's to great 2006 season:gt


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                    im excited but still wooried

                    If land molina thats amazing. We will have a better defensive and hitting catcher than we had last year. A huge upgrade. What im worried about is are starting pitching. Yes we added burnette and we have holiday. Gustavo looked to be pretty good. What i am worried about is the injury problems in the rotation.

                    Halladay pitched only 126 inp last year
                    lily was injured
                    burnette has had many injuries in the past
                    the chances are at least one of those players will be hurt again.
                    Will are young guys be able to fill the void when that happens.

                    I hope so because I can't wait to see playoff baseball again


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                      Halladay's leg injury was more of a freak thing and the odds of something like that happening again are fairly slim, Lilly is the one who concerns me, what with the bad shoulder. Some pitchers never get over an injury like that and it could bother him this season too depending on its condition. I don't think the Jays will have any problems with Starting Pitching. They got along well enough last year to keep the Jays in alot of games. nd that was without Halladay, Lilly, or Burnett!
                      Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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                        I echo you Chris. Halliday I have no concern with what so ever. Burnett, possibly, he has had some shoulder problems before but I have confidence in the bullpen for the first time I can ever recall so he won't have to pitch a ton of innings, espically since he is the #2 guy so not a lot there either. Chacin is fine at #3 as well. Lilly is the one I worry at #4 but his workload will be lighter then usual years but he is always a risk.

                        And your correct Chris. We got through alright last year without those three as far as pitching is concerned. Downs is always a great option for a spot start (beginning to like him alot) and Schoneweis used to start if I remember correctly. We have a lot of depth there even if I guy goes down.


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                          Great signing! After weeks of rumours, I'm so happy to see this one get done. However I doubt that Guillermo Quiroz and Jason Phillips would say the same.


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                            I am so happy with the direction JP is taking the Jays. They are finally adding some much needed experience and leadership to this young team. I don't believe they will trade Rios, or I hope not. I believe he will become a fantastic player like Wells. He just needs some time to put on a few pounds of muscle to really start pounding out some big numbers. I remember Wells being a skinny kid when he was in the minors as a Jays top prospect. Rios has a great swing, and it would be a great investment to keep him around. Hillenbran also adds some good depth and reliability to the lineup. I would only give him up if we could improve alittle more in our starting pitchers. Injuries is definitly something we must prepare for within our pitching lineup, and a extra realible arm would really help!

                            i am so excited about this season that i have goosebumps just thinking about it. So many years I have prayer for miracle rookies to do the jobs of veterans....we finally are getting some much needed depth......Halaluya!


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                              welcome to the boards jays4life!

                              you hvae the same feeling as me, I cannot wait for the first pitch!


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