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    Hey man i think this guy is going to explode next season and can develop into an ace we thought him to be. He has been working hard and with stuff like this he could ezily be a reliable setup man from. In time i think he could be another ace in our line up like Roy halladay and give us a dominant front three in halladay burnett and mcowan. Umm what do you guyz think?

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    I see no reason to be terribly hopeful about McGowan. He does have a 2:1 K/BB ratio which is good, but his other indicators are weak. In 45 innings last year he walked 17, hit 7, and gave up 7 homers. Looks like a fifth starter at best to me.
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      I hate to say it but I don't particularily agree with either of you on this one. Dustin McGowan will eventually explode and turn into a fantastic pitcher but it won't be this year. He's only turning 24 this season so he still has time to develop and he's gotten consistently better each year in the minors so all he has to do is work on his command and hope he doesn't have arm problems (he had Tommy John surgery in 2004.)
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        McGowan isn't ready this season I doubt. He needs to work on a few aspects of his pitching before he is ready. He has great stuff but he walks quite a few and gives up more then his fair share of hits. He will eventually blow up as Chris said but I doubt this year. I think he'll be a late-season call-up this year or maybe he'll even get some work in the pen.


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          hey he prob will be outta the pen becuz rumor has it he has been workin all off season and has imrpved upon location.


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            I think the Jays are targeting him to go to the pen. You already have a great top three in your rotation with Halladay, Burnett (if he stays healthy), and Chacin. If McGowan learns some control, with the stuff he has, he could be another Francisco Rodriguez. Maybe better even.
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              Here's hopin'.
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