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    The official thread for the Blue Jays 2008 season. We can start discussing spring training if anybody else besides me desides to post in this forum...

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    sorry i haven't been around lately, haven't had much time to come here lately.

    i know i'm jacked up for the start of the season! anyone know if sportsnet is broadcasting any spring training games this year?


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      I just saw a listing for March 28th (pre-season)

      the season opener vs NY

      and the home opener vs Boston

      those are the only games they listed on SNETO

      They said that they will broadcast 100 games this season.

      Thats all I got for an answer
      "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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          Check this out...


          Looks like there's a game March 2nd on CityTV! Sweet!

          And, there's a couple on RSN/TSN in Philly before the season opener.


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            that is good of CityTV, must be a first for them.

            Can't wait.
            "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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              City TV? lol. Is it only City TV Toronto because I think I have City Ottawa. I don't even know if they'd show it in my region but I guess we'll see.


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                Here is my persoanl opinion of how a 25 man roster should look once Spring Training is over. I like the Shannon Stewart pick up and would like to see him replace Reed Johnson, not sure what Reed could get on the trade market but I just am not a fan of his. The Planter Fastitis (sp?) does scare me a bit with Stewart. Also in the line up I could easily switch Overbay and Rios. I dont like the fact that there is no lefty in the starting rotation but have no faith in Chacin in the rotation. Anything you guys would do differently? (I know the Johnson/Stewart debate will come up.)

                C - Greg Zaun
                1st - Lyle Overbay
                2nd - Aaron Hill
                SS - David Eckstein
                3rd - Scott Rolen
                LF - Matt Stairs
                CF - Vernon Wells
                RF - Alex Rios
                DH - Frank Thomas




                1 - Roy Halladay
                2 - AJ Burnett
                3 - Dustin McGowan
                4 - Shaun Marcum
                5 - Jesse Litsch


                LRP - Gustavo Chacin
                MRP - Scott Downs
                MRP - Casey Janssen
                MRP - Jason Frasor
                SU - Brandon League
                SU - Jeremy Accardo
                CL - BJ Ryan


                John MacDonald
                Shannon Stewart
                Adam Lind
                Curtis Thigpen
                "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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                  Positions to keep an eye on...

                  Catcher - Zaun, Barajas, Fasano, Thigpen are the most qualified for the job

                  5th starter - Litsch, Chacin, are the most qualified

                  Left Field - Johnson, Stairs, Stewart are the most qualified.


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                    This is the thing about baseball games. Everything on paper is not what it turns out to be. Our hitting should be top notched but it isn't in real life, and our defence is 21st while in real life i would consider it top 5 with Wells, Eckstein, Rios, well pretty much everyone except for Gregg.
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                      Nice list, but I highly doubt that Lind or Thigpen will be with the big club to start the year, if at all. Rod Barajas will backup Zaunie, and they'll hold on to Johnson before they call up Lind. In fact, I think that it will be Stewart starting the year off the 25-man. They'll have to send one of the three LF'ers down to make room for Marco Scutaro (who can play LF himself in a pinch). Additionally, I would say that Bryan Tallet gets the nod in the pen as long relief, and I would start Johnson over Stairs in left.

                      (EDIT: I hear that Russ Adams may also have a case to state for being on the roster to start the year. He's come back stronger and more motivated, so who knows...)

                      I'm with you on the rotation though, and the only thing I might change to do with the lineup is that I would bat either Overbay, Rios or Wells 2nd, depending on who is doing the best out of ST.
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                        Off the top of my head I think Overbay or Rios are the right guys. Overbay can get onbase anytime while Rios can as well, he is more of a five hitter because of his power.

                        1. Eckstein
                        2. Overbay
                        3. Wells
                        4. Thomas
                        5. Rios
                        6. Rolen
                        7. Hill
                        8. Zaun
                        9. Stewart

                        i think the 7, 8 and 9 guys are the question marks or spring.


                        1. Halladay
                        2. Burnett
                        3. Mcgowan
                        4. Marcum
                        5. Chacin


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                          Rich can you sticky this?


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