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Janssen lost for the year!!!!

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  • Janssen lost for the year!!!!


    This really sucks! This year was really going to be his season to help cement himself as a bona fide major league pitcher. One that that really concerns me is that we've had 2 pitchers (League and Janssen) in the last 2 seasons suffer the same type of injury in the off-season/ST. Is this a coincidence, or are both injuries the result of some common denominator in the mechanics and/or workout regimens of the two of them. I think that is something that Brad Arnsberg and the medical staff need to look at.
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    I was on a computer at school in the library and saw this. I yelled out a big f-bomb and now I'm suspended for 3 days, that pisses me off. He is an awesome set up gguy and though I didn't want it to happen, he would also make a great starter, well the injurys begin...


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      terrible, you bring up a good point chris, two very similar injuries, something must be up.

      man, i feel bad for jansenn, he worked hard the last few years and established himself as a great set-up guy for us, tough break.


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        Well, you always know it's the start of spring when the first Blue Jay of the season gets injured.


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          You really have to wonder if it's something within the organization. League, Janssen, Chacin and JC Romero have all had major shoulder trouble (so has Vernon Wells come to think of it...). BJ had the elbow, Pete Walker's career ended because of a shoulder surgery (I think...).

          I wonder if it's something internal that is leading to these injuries...


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            It's Davis Romero I think you're thinking of, not JC.


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