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  • Gustavo Chacin

    He's just a pure winner. He won't pitch that deep into games and often hits a wall around the 7th inning, but he does what he has to to win. He's pretty hit or miss when it comes to his outings, whether it's getting knocked out before hitting the 4th inning or going strong through the 6th. He's been injured a lot the last few years and every year there's questions about his health.

    My question to al of you is, does Chacin just need time before he can go back to being a possible 3rd or 4th starter or is he just a lost cause now?

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    i think we have seen the last of chacin, maybe he gets a few starts here and there this year. i remember watching him last season and thinking he was done. he had no more pop on his fastball (not that he had much in the first place) and his control and gone somewhere. i think he is a few people behind in the line to toronto now.


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      Even if he gets back to where he was, he would still have to show that he deserves a spot over someone in the rotation right now. I don't see that happening.
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