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Marcum or McGowan

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  • Marcum or McGowan

    Two quickly emerging pitchers on a young talented Jays staff. Both had breakout seasons last year. I feel Marcum has been more consistent, but McGowan can be more dominant. So going forward, which of the 2 would you rather have heading your pitching staff?

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    Marcum is like Haladay, throws everything with movement and has confidence with a wide range of pitches.

    McGowen is like Burnett, not so consistent as the above too, but when they are on, they can be magical.

    Personally, I would rather have a Haladay/Marcum type pitcher on my team. They generally have fewer injuries and are very consistent. But a Burnett/McGowen type pitcher is always exciting to watch.


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      I've always liked Marcum. It seems like every time I turn on the game he's taking a no-hitter in the fifth inning. He's my favourite pitcher other than Halladay. McGowan has better pure stuff, but he's a little too wild and inconsistent. Marcum has great control and, IMO, will last longer in the long run.


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        thats a tough one but I would have to go with marcum. I identify with a pitcher like marcum more than a mcgowan.


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          Slight edge to Marcum on this one. He such a good, underrated pitcher who is started to get some notice around the league. I really like McGowan too, but Marcum has more maturity on the mound; he looks like a veteran.
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