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Bonds to Toronto?

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  • Bonds to Toronto?

    This article speculates that if DH Frank Thomas gets injured for an exteded period, the Jays could be interested in Bonds. The article also mentions the Mariners and Tigers. How would Bonds in Toronto sit with Jays fans?

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    I think it would be too much of a distraction. Although I'm sure Bonds can still produce for a team, he carried too much extra baggage that is unwanted in Toronto. This is a team with a lot of younger players, and being a part of the media circus that follows Bonds would be detrimental is ways that far outweigh any on-field production he could provide.

    Besides, I don't even know why this article mentions Bonds. JP has already said that Barry Bonds is not in the Blue Jays plans period. The Blue Jays would be better off looking within the organization if Thomas happened to be injured.
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      No way. I would hate to see Barroids in the powder blues. He would be way too much of a distraction for this team.

      If Thomas got injured it would likely be Stairs that slots in at DH, no?


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        I don't think he has any chance of landing in Toronto. If Thomas goes down, we have Stairs to step in. Then we can call-up Lind or even Thigpen to play back-up/DH.


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